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~Author's Note
Sorry if it's confusing for you guys, but I sometimes change point of views about three times in the chapter, to get to the point faster and so there aren't too many chapters.

**next morning**

Dear Journal,

For the record, I would never talk to my mother the way I did last night, but it was out of anger. *** How could she just push away the ones that cared about her most, then just when things are going good, she walks back in, swallows my dad's face, takes over breakfast with Dad, dinner as well, and to make things worse, she reorganizes my room.
She hurt me. I looked up to her, but she started ignoring Dad and me like we didn't matter. ***Though they're divorced, they still should have each other's backs. Now she's trying to sweeten him up by accompanying him in these lonely nights, and now she's on her way for me too. Right now, I just need time to myself, to think about all of this.
That's all for now, Journal.

Right on time, Jack was down the hall, putting books in his locker; I guess he finally got a new one, or Tess was kind enough to give him his own back.

But that would never happen, so he must have gotten his own himself.

"Finally got a locker I see." I said, as he emptied his locker with dignity.

"Yeah, I paid Jimmy Warren twenty bucks for his locker. If I went another day without a locker, I don't think I would live to see another day.

"Yeah, too bad your girlfriend had to take yours. I'm really sorry about that."

"It's cool." Tess is just... Tess.

"Well, anyways, I wanted to talk to you about Tess."

"Well, what about her?" He said, slamming his locker.

"Well, she's a cheerleader, and you are a-"


"Seriously? You're a musician?" I said stunned.

"Yeah, I sing and play the acoustics. Surprised."

"Well, yeah. Who knew?"

"Actually, Tess. She said to keep it between the two of us so girls aren't all over me."

"It seems that everything goes right back to Tess, but why would she keep you from doing what you love?"

"I don't know, that's Tess for you. But deep down, she's sweet, sensitive-

"Yeah, keep thinking that." I said stopping him form continuing those lies.

"You're funny. Anyways, I gotta get going, I'll see you next period." He said walking away.

Then I realized.

I never told him about Cam and I.




Who could concentrate on the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, where there was a beautiful brunette angel in front of my eyes, and then there's Tess right across from me.

But I can't shake Madison out of my head, she's some kind of fairy flying around, sprinkling images of her beautiful face in my brain.

"Jack!" Tess said, thumping my head, shaking me out of my thoughts?

"What?" I snapped at her. Bad decision.

"What was that, baby?" Tess said, louder. "Did you just shout at me?"

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