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*Tring* *Tring* *Tring*

"Kitni der laga di beta phone uthane main"

It was just three rings, came a cold voice from other side of the phone.


Mom it's better we come straight to the point, Your husband won't like you talking to me.

He is your Dad Sidharth and anyways ghar par nhi hai voh, His mother spoke sweetly.

What else did I expected, you to call me when he is at home, he replied sarcastically.


Mom if it's something casual can I catch up with you in the evening, actually Aadia ko dekhna hai mujhe..... He spoke disinterested in the conversation as he had a idea of where this is going.

Newspaper.... You read the newspaper of today.... Her voice was hesitant and he just chuckled on his fate..... The one who was his life once can not even go against her husband to talk to his own son.

Mom do you really think ab farak padega, He replied in a distant voice.

Sidharth..... Voh vaise nhi hai jaisa dikhte hai...... He cares....

Mom please if you have called to defend him then let it be because I'm no one to be upset....

Dadda..... A small voice from behind bought the smile on his face without even him realising it.

Mom I will call you later with this the call was hung but then his eyes land up on the newspaper headline.... How he wanted this to never come up like this.....

"It has been 5 years now we haven't seen the current chief minister with his son in any of the affairs, Where is the son of CM. Reyaansh Srivastav, Is it the power Mr.Srivastav hold that led to the split between Father and Son or is it something we have no hint about?"

His trance broke when someone hugged his leg from behind, and he was quick to hide the newspaper not ready to answer the questions of the innocent soul that is the only one he has now.....

Dadda.... She said in her sweet voice.
Meri jaan he said picking her up and kissed her forehead.

Aadia bacha jaldi jaldi ready hona padega school ke liye late ho gaye, he said caressing his daughter's hairs.

Dadda.... Mujhe nhi jaana.... Please aaj chuti le loon.... She spoke with a pout.

Kyun bacha, he walked towards the kitchen to prepare her a chocolate milkshake and be ready to face tantrums as she just hated milk but still he has too.
He settled her on the kitchen counter and started preparing her milkshake.

Dadda voh na mujhko na voh... Bache pasand nhi hai... Dadda they make fun of me.... Saying I'm so small in front of them.... Koi mele saath khelta bhi nhi hai.... She complained in a sweet childish voice.

Aww mela baby but Aadia toh bahut strong hai na he said childishly making her pout more.

Dadda aap mele jaise kyun baat kar rahe ho.. She asked pouting.

Abhi batate hai pehle lo finish karo, he said giving her the milkshake and himself standing beside her to make her small cute ponytails

Mujhko nhi peena, she said.
Aadia he said sternly.

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