53.1 : the first fight

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If one would say that they can see Mahir's face go red by each passing second, it would not be wrong as it really was red due to the anger that had overcame him as soon as he learnt that Aaliyah had come here to invite him and Aayat for dinner.

How dare she?
He thought as he thought about all those passed years when she not once contacted him. The girl that he ones considered one of the best friends of his had turned her back on him, Like everybody else for something he didn't really do!

And now she dares to just comeback like everything was fine. No it wasn't! And he knew what the answer to this invitation was.

"Neither I nor Aayat will be going to the dinner." Mahir announced in a sharp tone making Razaaq to look above at him while his mother's face showed the shock. Both Kinza and Farhan felt happy on the other hand as they were also never fan of Aaliyah.

But, most importantly it was Aayat who was startled. Aayat had never seen him raising his voice like this, atleast not in front of anyone else. As she looked at him from sideways, she could feel him breathing audibly. So much anger had filled up in him. And she wondered why because as much as she knew Aaliyah could be unbearable, she knew that 10 years back, Mahir and she hanged out almost all the time. Than, what was the reason behind this behaviour of Mahir?

As Mahir now started to march towards his room upstairs, Razaaq in a strict tone called his name as he stood up,


Mahir turned to look at his father who than said in an authoritative tone,
"Raheem had also come to our house and you know how close our families were. So you and Aayat will go to their house for dinner and that's final!"

Mahir shook his head confidently and said,
"I respect him with all my heart but No I won't Abba, sorry!"

Razaaq now too got irritated as he didn't expect his behaviour from Mahir. Raheem was his friend and business partner since a long time. And that is why he couldn't afford to upset him, not when he himself had come to his house.

"Mahir! Where are you manners!" He said angrily.

Mahir sighed and was about to reply back,
"Abba I have said what i-"

But before he could say anything else and the situation could get worse, Aayat interrupted as she said,

"It's okay Abba we will go."

Mahir stopped and looked at Aayat who was looking back at him, scared as she saw his grey eyes for the first time in a while changing its colours, almost becoming dark, a sign suggesting that currently he was really mad!

Razaaq came forward and patted on Aayat's head as he said,
"Good! Thank you daughter!"

Aayat shifted her eyes downwards as she nodded while she could still feel his piercing gaze on her face and than in the next moment, she could hear the stomping as he stormed off to his room.

Razaaq too went to his room while everyone else stood there awkwardly, as they could still feel the tension in the air. Mahir's mother than came forward near Aayat and said as Aayat looked at her,

"Aayat I am so sorry you had to see that! But don't worry. Mahir's anger will cool off in a while."

"I hope so Ammi!" Aayat said. Now Aayat's mother in law too left the room followed by Farhan leaving Kinza and Aayat behind.

Than Kinza sat back on the sofa and Aayat too went and sat besides her.

"Ugh, I knew this was going to happen." Said Kinza with a sigh.

"You did?" Aayat asked to get confirmation.

"Yes." Kinza said as she typed something on her laptop.

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