Rehearsals (part 2)

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After school Jake meet up with me at the bus stop. He was running.

" Hey , where are you going, you forgot we have to practice.

" Well, I thought you forgot. You know what happened last time. "

" How many times do you time do I have to apologize for it? " he looked frustrated.

" So where are we going ?" I tried changing the subject. He looked at me and said,"My house." He smirked and started walking to his car.

"You coming?" He said without looking back.

I ran to keep up with him.

It wasn't a long ride. We pulled up in front of a CASTLE I was astonished I stared with my mouth open.

I felt him looking at me, " close your mouth we don't need flies in our house.

I shot him a death glare.

He pulled key and opened the door...... it was a beauty.

" Wow , your house is very exquisite and very humongous." I exclaimed.

" Thanks. " he murmured.

" For a moment I just kept starting.  " Umm , you can make yourself at home and I'll go change. I'll be right back.

I nodded. I then saw pictures on the wall and interested. 

I saw a picture of Jake and Carter when they were smaller beside them stood a blonde with big Brown eyes and full lips her smile was heartwarming and welcoming.

She must have their sister. Just then a voice spoke up, " Hello, I don't think we've met before. I'm Carole Govenci Parker nice to meet you. " She said with a big smile.

"I'm sorry I'm Oliviera Pangu. Nice to meet you as well. "

" Are you here for Jacob.?" I nodded ," Well follow to the kitchen I don't suppose you've eaten yet. School was out only forty five minutes ago. " she motioned for me to sit do. 

I did as I was told.

" So how long have you guys been dating? " I chocked on my bologna sandwich.  My eyes widen ," No no no no no Jacob and I are project buddies we're barely friends. " I said matter of factly. Her face showed disappointment.  " Tell me a bit about yourself Oliviera Pangu."

I cleared my throat,

" Well my name is Oliviera Pangu I am from Gabao, Gabon you can call Olive or Oliviera whichever one you want.  I am 17 turning 18. And I am glad to be here with my family. Many people ask me what it is like back home and I say just that we have one origin.

" You know what I mean like here you'll ask them what are and they're like I'm 50 % Irish 30% Native 20% French and so on. (N/A I got this from a vine. )

I looked at Jacob's mom and she looked entertained.

" Olive tell me something if you were offered to live with in poverty or The life of the rich which would you choose? "

I took a moment to take the question.

What's with the twenty questions?

Jake's Pov

"I think it would  poverty..... because I don't want to be born in a household where everything is given to me.... I want to struggle ,I want to have pain before the pleasure comes.

I want to be someone that others depend  on for support. I for one was born in a low class family , but we made the  best of it  and look where we are now.." she smiled big.

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