Let's Get To Know Who We're Dealing With

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*Hello everyone! It's me again! This is a Superpotterlock au sorta thing which was requested by mintysnowflakez ! So this first chapter is just so you can get to know the characters and it will be in first person point of view for this chapter and the rest will be third person-- just cause I'm better at writing things that way. Enjoy!*

// Castiel's POV

"Cassie! Sweetie, where are you?" I heard my mother say in a sing song voice.

I covered my mouth to hold in my giggling and scooted closer towards the shadowed part of the closet.

My name is Castiel Novak. I'm ten years old-- well eleven but my birthday's tomorrow. My older brother, Gabriel is twelve. He'll be thirteen in a few months. My oldest brother, Michael, is fifteen. They both go to school-- but it's not a regular school with all the regular, boring kids. It's a magic school-- Hogwarts.

They got their letters at age eleven, so I'm really excited for tomorrow.

My mom was so proud of my brothers when they left for Hogwarts. She shed a few tears-- I of course was just a bit confused. My mom was what you would call a muggle. My dad was a wizard. Well, is. He's a professor at the school now but he comes to visit every Christmas.

One time he brought home a dragon egg and let me care for it. When it hatched, I was so surprised. Of course, my mom made him take it back because it didn't belong here.

"Castiel?" I heard my mother's worried voice.

I slowly uncovered my mouth. I didn't want her to be worried.

I slowly made my way out of the closet and looked around.

She wasn't there.

"Mom...?" I asked, cautiously.

No response.

I walked out of my room and turned a corner when a pair of arms wrapped around me, causing me to shriek and flail around.

"GOTCHA!" My mom yelled, laughing.

"Mom! Let go!" I laughed and we were both on the floor by the time she began to tickle me.

"MOM NO! STOP!" I yelled, trying to push her away.

"Okay okay fine!" She sighed and pulled away from me, rolling away. I laughed and stood up.

"So honey," she began, following me, on the floor of course-- she was more of a child than I was. "What's tomorrow?"

I smiled so wide you could probably see it from your phone screen ((what fourth wall?!))


My mom also squealed and clapped her hands together.

"You excited?!"

I frantically nodded and spun around in circles until the room was spinning.

I was so excited to receive my letter.

I would be going to Hogwarts very soon.


// Dean's POV

"When are you leaving?" Sammy asked me.

"A few days." I sighed.

My name is Dean Winchester. I'm eleven years old. And tomorrow I would be boarding the train so I can spend my first year year at Hogwarts.

I got my letter a few days ago-- a little late because we were always moving around so the letter always arrived when we left.

It had actually arrived when an owl flew at his face and dropped the letter in front of him. It wasn't the most coordinate owl but I got the letter.

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