Chapter 6

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Pretty short

Muichiro POV

I get to the backyard with the others. Nezuko comes over to me and she hopes on my back. She lays her chin on my head. A very small blush forms on my cheeks. I wish it was just us and nature. I wouldn't have to be watching these idiots and it could just be me and here. I have started to accept these feelings I have for her and I won't let that yellow haired kid get in my way. He is glaring at me from afar. I sigh annoyed and hand them some wooden swords.

"I want ti fussy see you sword kills first hand but don't over do it." I say nonchalantly

"No I want to face you!! Put down Nezuko this instant!!" The kid says.

Tanjiro immediately pulls back the kid and apologizes frantically.

"I'm so sorry Muichiro. Please forgive his behavior." Tanjiro says

He bows down in respect and I zone out. Nezuko pulls on my ear getting my attention.

"Huh? Do you need something Nezuko?" I say stoically

She starts puffing up her cheeks and looks to be getting anger. I know what she is wanting me to do. I try to be nice but I just sound weird. I have heard a saying once....hmmm I think it was fake it took you make it or something. I just have to it for an hour or two and I'll be done with this. I don't want to deal with these three any longer. The boar kid start shouting at me. He points the wooden sword at me.

"I'm going to cut you up!! You hear me!! I'm the strongest swordsman you hear!!" He shouts

He tries to attack me but I dodge him. Nezuko is mad and my blood boils seeing this. I keep my composure as I knock him out with one strike.

"It's only you two now. Please start." I say nonchalantly

I put Nezuko down and she stays by my side. M

"Nezuko why don't you come over to me?" The boy cries

She growls and huffs at him in annoyance. I can't help but feel a it of pride and happiness. This might not be so bad with Nezuko by my side. I stretch out and sit down in the ground. Nezuko sits in my lap as we watch the two fight it out. They both do have potential. Tanjiro definitely does. He is very aware of his surroundings and takes the time to analyze what is going on. He is white smart in combat. It will be interesting to see how much he grows in the upcoming days. This should be amusing.

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