Chapter 3

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(Still Alfie's POV)

After hearing 5 knocks and 1 ring of the door bell, we knew that it was a human at the door. I grabbed the sword and Andre grabbed a gun.

I ran over to the door with Andre at my back. I pulled the door towards me to find a girl running away from five of the creatures. "Quick get in!" Andre shouted.

She ran in holding her arm. Andre was about to fire his gun at the zombies. "Wait! Don't waste your ammo. We don't know how long it will last." I said whilst pushing the gun down slowly. The mysterious girl collapsed without warning, and the zombies were approaching quickly.

I took the sword out of its cover and sliced through each and every one of the monsters heads.

I ran back inside the safe house and grabbed my diary. I picked up the pen from the other side of the room and then I added 5 extra lines into the death count book.

"Get her upstairs!" Francesca yelled whilst checking her pulse. We all picked her up from the floor and lifted her up the stairs, then laid her down on my bed and watched.

"Andre, can you stay with her tonight just to make sure she's okay?" Leighanna asked.

"Sure." He nodded.

We all walked out of the room downstairs and we took turns to stay up with the injured girl. Andre was going to be with her the entire night, when it was 3 am and it was Peck's turn to stay awake. He had gotten up to do it, but he rested his head back down.

(Andre's POV)

I looked over at the girl to see her eyes open slowly. She was waking up.

"Hi I'm Andre, you're safe here." I told her, trying to soothe her.

"What? Where am I? What's going on?" She panicked.

"Look, no one knows what's happening. You've just been hurt so don't worry. What's your name?" I asked.

"I'm Gemma." She replied.

"That's a nice name." I smiled..

Gemma started to fall back to sleep but this time when I checked her pulse, there was nothing. She rose again, this time she wasn't Gemma. She was one of the monsters outside now.

I knew from when she came into the house that she was bit, I kicked myself for not thinking she could turn.

"Help!" I yelled.

"Please! Someone?" I screamed.

No one was answering, they were all probably asleep.


Bang! the sound of someone falling over could be heard. Blood poured out from beneath the door.

Now two moaning sounds could be heard...

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