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Alessia's pov

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Alessia's pov

"Well what do we have here"

I looked behind to see all of my brothers.

Clenched jaw, arms crossed, glaring at the boys on our table.

"Bubby" I squealed and ran to him.

I hugged him but after releasing him, my excitement became frown.

They all were having bruised knuckles with blood on.

"W-what happened to you all" I asked pointing at their knuckles.

They were trying their best to hide it but of course I noticed.

I put my hand in front of bubby.

He looked at it with a questioning stare.

"Give me some rubbing alcohol and cotton" I said to him.

He got tensed.

"I-i don't have rubbing alcohol" he said scratching the Bach of his neck.

"Will you not introduce us to your friends" Ryder said trying to distract us from the talk.

I looked back at my brothers.

Chloe was glaring at me.

Alexis and the boys looked shocked.

Alessandro tried to hide it behind his cold exterior but I could clearly see shock present in his eyes.

"This is Alexis my best friend" I said pointing to Alexis happily.

They nodded at him and she also nodded still in shocked daze.

"This is luke" I said pointing to luke.

They glared at him and he just shrunk back a little in his seat.

"This is Adam" I said pointing to Adam.

They went to glare at him and he tried to keep his posture.


But failed miserably.

"This is Greyson" I said pointing to him.

They then moved to glare on him.

He looked at them with a little fear in his eyes.

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