100k Special One-shot Part 1 (Trigger Warning)

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—The Author would like to thank everyone for 100k+ Readers, and that she is grateful for all of your supports!
—This one-shot is NOT related to the storyline. Therefore, most events that happen are NOT CANON!
—In which (Y/N) had given up her ambition, and pursue on a different path.

*This one-shot is not fit for everyone and might contain several sensitive topics, such as manipulative behavior and su****al thoughts.

*The Author is still not sure whether she'll continue this book or not. Until then however, hope you enjoy this one-shot (this one is long too, so sit back and relax)!



A Choice Worth of A Thousand Future


In the lands amidst the flowy breeze whispering under the radiant moonlight, the clouds covered the dark sky as people had fallen asleep. The daily works of merchants, the playful noises of children laughing while wandering about their front yards, and the smell of freshly-baked breads soon dissipates as soon as the night comes.

It was an every day routine for everyone. As the sun disappeared into the distant horizon, people came to rest until tomorrow's sunlight will be the mark of a new day to begin.

Yet some people were unlucky enough to stumble upon misfortune.

There was no longer the familiar scent of those freshly-baked goods. Instead, there's only the choking smell of burnt ashes and the heavy smell of blood in the night breeze.

There was no longer the sound of joy from the young children, only the loudest screams of desperation coming from their parents in hopes of finding them—keeping them to a safe place from the destruction, but alas some was unfortunate enough to not being able to get out in time.

In the far lands amidst the flowy breeze—though ironically the air this night felt suffocating to breath in, there was like an alarming sound that awoke the people from their dreamful slumber. They all got up, immediately panic and frustration were shown upon their faces as the all-too-familiar red flaming color came into view.

Everyone rushed out of their houses, but some took their time to save their precious belongings. Parents in a panic, awoken their children and held them all tightly, never letting them all get separated. In a worried daze, they all have the same goal—To flee from whatever happened to their hometown and their memories within it.

Who would be so heartless as to did all of this? And for what reason?

A woman's scream suddenly took everyone by surprise. It was already loud enough as it is, and the fact that her scream can still took everyone's attention around her for a split second..

The woman fell onto her knees, eyes widening in pure shock as her breath seemingly unsteady. Her hands trembled, making everyone wonder for the reason that made her screamed so loudly moments ago.

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