Jake Crazed Idiot

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"It's a little confusing, that's all." I say quietly, avoiding eye contact with him. He takes a seat on my bed, blowing out a deep breath. I watch him as he reaches up, running a hand through the soft strands of his dark hair.

"I don't know if I can explain, it's difficult."

I'm surprised at his words because I thought I'd be getting honesty from him. . . Maybe this is his honesty. I nod slowly, digesting the information that he isn't ready.

"I like you Jake." I blurt out, letting him in on my thoughts. My eyes widen at my sudden urge to be truthful and I mentally slap myself as I notice the surprise flash in his eyes. He masks it over so that his face is emotionless and he quickly stands up, acting like I've grown two heads.

"Say something." I mutter, my cheeks turning into two hot flaming coals. Someone crack an egg on these cheeks because I'm ready to scramble them.

"You shouldn't, you really shouldn't." He says darkly, his words quiet. I frown at him, feeling hurt as I watch his take steps towards the door.

"Why is it wrong for me to like you?"

He simply shakes his head at me in response, his face twisted and contorted as he leaves the room. I wonder what happened to him to make him so unsure on himself and uncomfortable with portraying his feelings. Despite that I'm still hurt and confused.

I lie down, emerging myself inside the safety of my blankets. Before I know it I'm fast asleep, the thought of Jake still fresh in my mind.


When I wake daylight isn't streaming through the window but darkness welcomes me. I slept through the whole day. It's ideal I have two weeks off college because my sleeping pattern is seriously messed up.

I rub my eyes and sit up slowly, feeling my stomach ache from my recovering bruises. I lean over and take two tablets from the bedside cabinet before popping them into my mouth and swallowing them with some water. The water is like a god send and I don't realise how thirsty I am as I guzzle down almost half of it. There's a knock on the door before Ivory opens it, popping her head round.

"Hey Em, you're finally awake."

"Yeah, come in." I smile back, sitting up straighter. She holds a food tray in her arms and as she walks over the delicious smell of pizza hit me, causing my stomach to grumble loudly.

"You're an angel sent from the pizza heavens above."  I say gratefully, shooting her a smile.

"All I did was heat up some left over pizza," Ivory giggles, pushing the plate towards me. I reach over and pick up a slice, my mouth watering. I haven't eaten since last night and I'm starving.

Ivory grabs a slice of her own before sitting cross legged on my bed, taking a huge bite. We both remain silent, chewing on our pizza in a comfortable silence.

"So what has Jake done?" She asks me, breaking the silence between us. I glance up at her from under my lashes and she rolls her eyes.

"It's obvious something has happened between you two. He's been slamming doors and avoiding conversations all day." Ivory tells me. I chew on my bottom lip before deciding I trust Ivory enough to confide in her. When i'm done pouring my heart out to her, she scrunches her nose up in distaste.

"Wow, he seriously walked out on you when you told him you liked him? He should know not to treat you like that."

I smile at her, grateful to have her as a friend.

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