Chapter 7

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Sunday and Monday went by really slow. On Sunday I wasn't alowed to leave my room. On Monday, I went to school, and when I got back I had to go straight to my room and do my homework. My parents made me come downstairs for dinner, but everytime they talked to me or asked me a question, I ignored them. They took away horses from me, how can they expect me to go on like everything is fine, when it's clearly not? I know they only grounded me from the horses for two weeks, but Mom said she might not let me help her ever again! What about Cowboy? What about Pepper, Missy, Candy Girl, Buddy, Tucker, and Fiona? I don't have much time left with Pepper, Missy, and Candy Girl, and I'm missing out on helping train Buddy and Tucker to be ridden! And Cowboy, sweet, shy, and funny Cowboy. He trusts me and I don't want to let him down.

I told Heather about how I was grounded on Monday. "So we can't hang out for two weeks?" she said. "Unfortunately, no," I replied. These were going to be the longest two weeks ever.

On Tuesday, I finally had enough. When I got home from school, I went straight to the barn. I went into Pepper's stall, and started petting him. "Mom said I couldn't help train you guys, but she never said I couldn't just come and pet you," I said quietly to him. Pepper nickered at me, and rubbed his head on my shoulder. "I missed you too," I told him. I gave him a kiss on the nose, a final pat, and then left his stall. I went and visited all the other horses. I petted them and gave them all a treat. I left the barn and went to Cowboy's round pen. "Hey Cowboy," I said. He walked up to me and sort of tilted his head as if to ask, "Where have you been?" I giggled. "Sorry boy, I got into some trouble. I'm not aloud to help train you for a while, but I can still pet you and feed you treats." I pulled out a piece of licorice from my pocket and tore it in half. I found out that Cowboy really likes red licorice. "Here boy," I said, and gave him the pieces of candy. "I better go, bye boy!" I told him. He nickered a good-bye, and I longed to stay with him.

I went back inside and went to my room. I hadn't seen Mom, she must be at the store or somewhere else. I got out my homework and started on it. Half way through I started to drift off into space. I was thinking about Cowboy, and the other horses here. I wish I could work with them and be with them. This was torture! Mom couldn't have thought of a more painful punishment. I mean, Pepper is pending an adoption, and Missy and Candy Girl could be adopted anyday now, too. I want to be with them as much as possible till then. I shook my head to get the sad thoughts out of my mind. I focused on my homework again.

Finally! Finished with my homework! I put my books and worksheets back into my backpack, and looked at the pile of Young Rider magazines on my book shelf. Well, I've got nothing better to do. I looked through the pile and found one that sounded the most interesting.

As I was reading an article about 10 tips to improve your jumping position, there was a knock on my door. "Come in," I said. "Hi honey, it's me," my mom said. "What?" I said dully. "I just wanted to let you know that I just got back from a person's barn who was interested in Pepper," she started. "Oh no," I said. "She said that she thinks he would be the perfect horse for what she's doing, and that she wants to adopt him," she finished. "No!" I cried. "Don't be that way Mel. You knew this was going to happen, and the owner is so nice and they have a wonderful barn," she said. "Well, can I have at least one more ride on him?" I asked sadly. "Yes, but hurry because it's getting dark out." "Okay, when is he leaving?" I asked. "He's leaving tomorrow."

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