Prologue- From The Beginning

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Six years Ago

"Jordan get down here or you're gonna be late for school!" His mother called up the stairs to him as he scrambled around his room to get ready. He'd woken up an hour later than planned - alarm clock malfunction.

"I'm coming!" He yelled back down to her, buying himself another ten minutes, at least. "Don't I own one pair of clean socks!" He half shouted, picking up pairs of socks from his floor, he probably should have cleaned his room...or at least washed his clothes. It was only the first day of sixth grade. The day he'd been looking forward to all summer.

"Jordan Mikhail Allen, get down here right this instant or--"

"I'm coming mom!" He shouted, throwing on any two socks, he didn't want to know what punishment the 'or' would bring. Grabbing his backpack off the and shoes from under the bed, he smoothed out his hair as he made his way down the stairs.

"Late on your first day Jordan?" Mrs. Allen asked her son as he descended the stairs.

"I know, I know." He shrugged and gave his mother a sheepish smile.

"Put your shoes on we need to go, where's your sister?" Mrs. Allen asked her son who shrugged once again. "Morgan!" She called up the stairs for her ten year old daughter.

"I'm here mom." She said as she came down the stairs in her pink and white tights, cute little pink dress and pink shoes.

"Don't you look adorable." Mrs. Allen kissed her daughter on the forehead.

"Wish we could say the same about Jordy." Morgan smiled down at her brother as he tied up his left shoe.

"Jordan try running a comb through your hair every now and then okay son." Mr. Allen walked from the kitchen and said. "I'll be home late, another meeting with the firm exec's, don't wait up okay." Mr. Allen said as he kissed his wife. "Good luck on your first day sweetie." He kissed his daughter on the cheek. "Have a good day son."Mr. Allen said to Jordan, ruffling his already wild blonde hair.

"Thanks for that dad." Jordan said, smoothing his hair down again.

"Okay, we need to leave now. Go grab your lunches off the table and your jackets." Mrs. Allen instructed her children.

"Really mom, an avengers lunch pale?" Jordan said as he came from the kitchen, holding it up.

"I thought you loved the avengers honey?" His mother said as she helped Morgan put on her jacket.

"I do but I don't want an avengers lunch pale." Jordan sighed and stuffed the pale into his backpack. "I'm in middle school now, a blue pale would have been okay." He tells his mother as he puts on his jacket and they head out the door.

Mrs. Allen smiled down at her son, how much he has grown up, she thought to herself as she shut and locked the door behind them. "Okay, I'll get you a blue lunch pale." She told him as they got into their van.


"Have a good day at school honey." Mrs. Allen rolled down the passenger seat window and shouted out to her son. He turned and dropped his head in shame as a few children snickered behind him. His mother never ceased to amaze him at how embarrassing she could be. Jordan made his way into the large school, at least three times the size of his tiny elementary school, and went to the locker he'd been assigned. After putting in the combination he tossed his lunch inside and slammed it shut.

"The Avengers?" I brown haired boy asked him with a raised brow.

"Um..." Jordan started, clearing his throat, he knew that lunch pale would bite him in the ass today. "My mom is kinda a--"

"Say no more." The other boy held his hand up, stopping Jordan. "My mom is the same way." He smiled as he pulled a spider-man lunch pale from his bag and tossed it into the locker next to Jordans.

"Moms." Jordan smiled and shook his head.

"Right." The other boy agreed, returning a smile. "I'm Kevin by the way." He said and held out his hand for Jordan to take.

"Jordan." He replied, shaking the boys hand.

"Did you go to Wright Elementary cause I don't remember ever seeing you there?" Kevin said as he closed his locker.

"No." Jordan shook his head, taking his schedule from his pocket. "I was home-schooled until this year." He explained to the other boy who nodded.

"Oh cool, let me see that." Kevin said, snatching Jordan's schedule from his hands. "Sweet, we've got the same schedule. I guess we're gonna be seeing a lot of each other." Kevin smiled, handing Jordan back his schedule.

"I guess so." Jordan mumbled as they walked together to homeroom.

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