You're On Your Period .

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Hmmm how are y'all guys liking the preferences ? :D

K here ya go c:

Zayn :

You invited Zayn over to your place to hang out and watch movies. You heard someone knocking on the door and went to go open it. "Hey babe" Zayn said kissing your cheek. "Hi babe" He walked in and set down some snacks he bought. You walked into the kitchen and grabbed some drinks for you two. "You look beautiful tonight Y/N." You heard Zayn whisper in your ear lightly kissing your neck. "Not tonight Zayn" You laughed seeing him pout. You sat on the couch and he sat down next to you still attempting to get you to say yes. "No Zayn. Mother nature said no" You smirked. "I hate her" He muttered under his breath. You laughed and gave him a quick kiss. "Hush Zayn and watch the movie"

Liam :

You were laying on the couch huddled into a little ball with a blanket around you. "Ugh !" You whined into a nerby pillow. "Y/N are you okay ? I heard you cry ?" Liam came running in from the kitchen holding a cup of tea trying not to spill it. "Liam these cramps are horrible. I want to be a boy !" You cried. He got down on his knees and brushed your hair. "Aww its okay babe, just a few more days" He smiled at you. The rest of the evening he just massaged your stomach and told you stories to keep your mind off your cramps and it seemed to work.

Louis :

"Oh my god. I look so fat !" You whined looking into your full view mirror. He got horribly bloated when you got your period. "Y/N you look fine. Lets go eat" Louis yelled from the bed playing with his phone. "Louis Im not going I look like Im pregnant !" Louis rolled his eyes and said "Baby its no big deal. You still look beautiful !" Throwing a cheeky smile. "No big deal ? Louis how would you like to gain pounds and bleed from your-" He quickly covered your mouth with his hand cutting you off. "Babe that's gross. How about we stay home and eat here ?" You smiled. "Okay" You kissed his cheek, running to change into something comfortable.

Niall :

Niall could immediately tell when you were on your period cause you were very very emotional. You and Niall were watching tv at his flat, he decided to go find something to snack on. You were watching tv and the homeless animal commercial came on. As soon as you saw the little puppies the water works started. "Niall! Niall!" You cried. He came running to see what was wrong. "Babe why are you crying ?" You couldn't stop crying, the tears kept comming. "Niall the little puppies look so sad !" He let out a little laugh. "Y/N is it that time of the month ?" You looked up at him with watery eyes "mhmm". He hugged you and said "Lets go buy some ice cream yeah ?" You nodded. He kissed your nose and told you how cute you were.

Harry :

You were laying down on your bed when you got a text from Harry. "Hey babe, wanna go out tonight with the lads :) x" For some reason you felt like going out. You were about to text back saying "Yes !" when you looked down and noticed mother nature had other plans. You sighed and threw your sheets in the dirty laundry. You quickly texted Harry back before jumping in the shower. "Aww babe. I'm sorry, can I go over tonight ?" "Yeah! Bring some chocolate! Do you mind picking up some girl stuff ?" You laughed wondering if he would actually buy your pads. A couple hours later Harry arrived with chocolate and a plastic bag. "I didn't know what brand to buy so I bought 3 different kinds" He smiled. "Your the best boyfriend" You thanked Harry giving him a big hug.

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