Chapter 2

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My day starts with me waking up , obviously. Then I go take a shower, and eat breakfast. My best friend, Tati, comes and picks me up everyday. I text her good morning everyday. This is usually how the conversation goes:

"Goodmorning Beautiful!" I say
"Goodmorninggg" she replies
"What time will you be here?" I ask.
We usually never get to school on time. School starts at 8:30. We don't have time for all that bs in the morning.
"I'll be there at around 9:00. But we're not going to school today."
"Then where in the world are we going?" I ask anxiously.
"Just make sure you're ready when I get there. You'll find out soon. ;)"

To be honest, I hate skipping school. I've already been suspended from school three times and I don't need any more time off. Since both my parents are deadbeats,(My step-dad i forgot to mention) and won't take me, I'll just have to deal. Trust me, I love Tati with all my heart, but, she's horrible when it comes to good behavior.

I'm still trying to figure out where we're going, but for right now, I'm just gonna worry about getting ready so when she gets here, we can just go. I'm tired of being in the house.

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