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I am fangirling so much right now! One of my favourite youtubers Chris O'flyng  followed me on twitter! you might know him as that guy in the back of Luke Korn's earlier videos. Hope you like the chapter because its one of the last ones:( bye motha truckers -Nat 


Bella's POV

Everything is amazing, nothing could get better for me. I have the best boyfriend and friends. Today we are just chillin at my house, enjoying the last few days we have together for who knows how long.

"Bella, Nat, can you come here?" my mom asked me from the kitchen. "but your really far away" "come here now" "fine" I got up and walked to the kitchen.

I made it to my mom and Nat's mom, they were drinking coffee and talking, Nat came over. "Girls, we have a surprise for you." Nat's mom said. "what is it mom? I'm missing my favourite part of the movie" Nat said. "Well we have been talking and we decided..." My mom cut Nat's mom off "you guys are going to move to L.A. and live with Nat's aunt for a year" "ermergerd are you serious?" Nat asked. "of course" My mom replied. We started screaming and jumping around.

"What about school?" I asked. "online schooling" My mom replied. "that's amazing" Nat said. "When do we leave?"  I asked. "March break" My mom replied. "That's in 3 weeks" I said. "You guys better start packing." Nat's mom said. "Packing for what" Jacob came in the kitchen. "We are moving to L.A." i said. "Your joking" "Nope" Nat said popping the 'p'. "Are you going to tell the guys?" "Of course"

My life officially got 10 times better.

We walked over to the guys and paused the movie to get their attention. "We have some news" I started. "Don't worry, its good news" Nat continued. "We are moving..." I paused for dramatic effect "to L.A." Nat finished too soon. "you were supposed to leave a pause for dramaticness" I said. "But I couldn't hold it in any longer" "Are you actually moving?" Trevor asked. "yeah, why would we lie?" I said "I don't know" he responded.

I Don't have any ideas for the 3 weeks so skip ahead, skip ahead...

***3 Weeks Later***

We just settled into our seats on the plane. Jacob and Trevor came to NYC to help us pack and get ready about a week ago (break into song). Me and Jacob were next to each other, and Nat and Trevor were behind us. "I can't wait to see my cousins, its been forever" Nat stated "cool, how old are they?" I asked. "Vanessa is 6, Lauren is 10, and Christian is 15." "cool story bro" Trevor said, showing no interest. "Hey, don't be rude" Nat told him... their conversation went on and on and ended in them making out in an airplane. "You guys are seriously disgusting" Jacob said. "yeah, we're in the middle of a plane.

I put my ear buds in my ears and drifted off to sleep while leaning on Jacob's shoulder...

"Bella, Bella. We're landing soon" I heard Jacob's sweat voice and his lips connected to my forehead. "okay Jake" "don't call me that" "but I like calling you Jake" "fine" "good" I opened my eyes and looked up at Jacob, my head was in the crook of his neck. I placed a sweat soft kiss on his lips.

We landed, got off the plane, and grabbed our luggage. "oh I see her car" Nat said as we got outside. "Oh my gosh, aunt Nancy" Nat said as her aunt got out of the car to great us. "Nat" a little girl came out of the car and ran up to her. "Vanessa" Vanessa came over to me and hugged me "I don't know you" she said. We all broke out laughing, "Vanessa, this is Bella. She is my best friend. This is Trevor, he's my boyfriend. and this is Jacob, Bella's boyfriend." "okay" "Bella and Nat are going to be living with us for a while." Nancy said "where are Trevor and Jacob going to live?" Vanessa asked "we live in L.A. already" Jacob spoke up.

We got in the car and Vanessa ended up siting on Nat's lap in the back seat with Jacob and Trevor beside them while I sat in the front. "Are you excited to be living in California?" Nancy asked me "Very" I responded. "Remember when I was 2 and all the puzzles fell on me?" Vanessa asked Nat. "Yes I do, and my parents never trusted me with young children after that" "really, that's funny. Where were you when that happened?" I asked Nancy. "I was upstairs talking with the parents. Nat and Christian were supposed to look after Lauren and Vanessa" She responded.

We arrived at a fairly big house and got out of the car. The boys helped us out with our bags and brought them to the front door. "Do you want us to help you get settled?" Jacob asked us. "Sure, why not" I said. Nancy opened the door and Lauren walked to the door. "Hey Lauren" "Hi Nat" "Lauren, this is Bella, Jacob, and Trevor" she said pointing to us. "cool" Nat's uncle came to the door and they had their little reunion "Hi uncle Rob" "Christian, get your ass down here and say hi to Nat and her friends" "it's really okay, I can talk to him later" a guy who looked around our age came downstairs. He had his headphones around his neck and he was wearing a Metallica t-shirt and a green flannel, his hair was orangy-brown and he looked like he just woke up. "hi Nat" he said "hey Chris" Nat replied, they did a weird wavy thingy and then he went upstairs.

"Girls, your room is upstairs. Right across from Christian's room. You won't miss it, there are band posters on his door" We walked upstairs and saw a room that had Iron Maiden, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, and The Ramones posters on his door. "Who knew that guys had posters on their doors?" I asked Nat. "Hey, I have lots of posters in my room" Jacob said defending himself. I got my suitcase out and started to unpack. "Trevor, your tall. Can you help me put this poster up?" Nat asked. "Your not even unpacking? Your going to put your posters up first?" "Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

I unpacked and put my posters of Justin Beiber up, while Nat put up posters of 5 Seconds Of Summer, 1 Direction, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Pierce The Veil, and Sleeping With Sirens. Jacob and Trevor left and Nat and I crashed in our single beds. The room is kind of split in 2, one side has beautiful posters of Justin Beiber while the other has not so beautiful posters of bands.

I can't believe that I am here. I have the best boyfriend ever, I live in California, and I did it all with my best friends... The Magcon and O2L guys.

I guess I woudn't be where I am without Internet Fandoms!


Hey guys, that was the last chapter 😞 But I will be posting an epilogue so stay tuned!

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