Chapter 11

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Previously: "I can't find Dad anywhere" Rin whispered with suppressed fear in her voice as her bottom lip trembled against her will.

"Can't....find...Dad anywhere" Rin gasped through short breaths she took. "Searched nearly everywhere" she added as she straightened up.

"Hmm? Where can he go in such a short while?" Shinpachi asked. "He should be around here somewhere".

"We'll go search for him...but first, look what we got you" Heisuke said, holding out a bag.

Rin barely controlled herself from yelling at the turquoise hued boy; her father was missing and here he was, presenting her with a gift-

Wait....a gift? It had been a while since Rin received one of those.

Rin took the bag and peeked inside as a small smile broke across her face, despite the situation. 

"You guys bought this? How? I thought you had no money" she said, a smile still lingering on her face.

"We all put together some money to buy that....consider it as an apology gift for treating you badly when we first met...It was my idea" Heisuke said with a hint of awkwardness in his voice.

"Wait....didn't we pay with-" Shinpachi started when Sonosuke immediately elbowed him in the gut to make him shut up. His gold eyes met with Shinpachi's, warning the latter mentioned man to keep his mouth shut. Shinpachi grinned apologetically as he scratched the back of his head, playing along with the rest.

Rin suddenly hugged Hesuke [in a brotherly manner].

"Thank You" she said, flashing Heisuke one of her most heartwarming smiles.

Heisuke's face started growing red, when suddenly:

"Heisuke, your nose is bleeding~" Souji stated bluntly, professionally hiding his annoyance at the reaction; he couldn't exactly pinpoint why he felt that way.

"EHH?! What? Damn it" the mentioned boy said, pinching his nose.

Rin immediately broke away from Heisuke, trying to control her laughter.

"Never been hugged by a girl before?" Sonosuke asked teasingly to the youngest boy.

"Shut up Sono-san" Heisuke retorted lamely.

"Well, Heisuke's taking too much credit for himself...I chose the outfit!" Shinpachi said, grinning as he opened his arms for a hug as well.

Rin gave him a look that said 'nice-try'. "Did you? That's really sweet of you Shinpachi-san, but I'd have to be a complete idiot to believe that" Rin said with a chuckle. "You're too old to choose something as good as this~" she added, teasingly.

Shinpachi's mouth dropped slightly open with disappointment and disbelief, as he stood there with his arms still extended for a hug that never came.

"Souji's the one who picked it out" Sonosuke said as he glanced at Shinpachi sympathetically.

Rin's smile faltered a bit at the comment as a blush crept onto her face. "Th-Thanks" she stuttered almost in a shy way as she face Souji, making eye contact with the smirking boy. For some reason, her heart felt like it was going to explode right out of her rib cage, until she finally broke eye contact first and felt the feeling go away.

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