♡ Deadly Love Pt. 2 ♡

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"Get away from me Hakim. You are sick. I can't believe you'd lie and say she helped you when I was there before she was!" I exclaimed.

"Sorry. I was caught up in the moment. Seeing you and him, it made me realize that I still like you Alicia."

He grabbed my face in his hands and pressed his lips against mines hard.

I pulled myself away from the kiss before it could get any more intense. It was disgusting. Once you've kissed a real man, you can never go back to kissing a little boy.

"I know you want me as bad as I do." Hakim said.


"Hell NO!" I yelled, smacking him in the face.

He didn't reply.

"What the heck is wrong with you? We're at your engagement party and you're trying to kiss me? Marilyn is gonna be pissed." I shook my head.

Hakim grabbed my face in his hands .

"You're not going to tell." He said sternly.

His hands squeezed tighter causing my impulse reaction to clock him upside the head.

His grip loosened, giving me the chance to run out the bathroom.

I hurried out of the bathroom only to bump into Jeremiah.

"He...he.. Hurt me." I managed to croak out.

"Who?!? I will beat the fuck-"

"Baby, calm down. Its over. What's done is done. Let's go."

"No its not. Where is he?!"

I grabbed onto Jeremiah's waist, and holding onto him tight, looking into his eyes, burning with anger. "Jeremiah, Don't. Do. This. Let's just go HOME."

He sighed, going inside to grab my coat.

I waited in the hallway until he came back out.

"Thank you." I said, taking the jacket and following him to the car.

We got in and he started the car. I looked straight at him walking around His chiseled face and those dimples and how his bottom lip is bigger than the to, making me realize how lucky I was to have a man by my side. A man who would fight for me. That was sexy.

"Jeremiah baby." I said.


"You good?" I said kissing him on the neck a few times.

"Yea bae. I'm fine. Just tense, that's it."

I moved my hand down his muscular torso down to his belt buckle.

"Alicia you're bad." He groaned.

"Yea I know that." I moved my hands up and down his shaft in a swift motion. The car swerved slightly.

"How about.. We finish this at home?" I said, releasing my fingers.


I didn't want to be up there with Marilyn. In my heart, there was still a place for Alicia but I could never go back and neither would she.

"Babe, your speech was perfect." Marilyn gushed.

"Thank you honey." I responded.

She kissed me on the cheek. "Enjoy me while you can because I'm going to be a bridezilla in a couple of days."

I sighed. "Can we have the wedding after you have the baby?"

"No. You already know that I do not want my baby in my wedding pics. I'm the bride, so I get what I want."


The vibrations sent chills down my leg as I reached down into my pocket to retrieve Marilyn's phone.

She advised me to hold it in my pocket since her dress didn't have any.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Guys get to the hospital now!!! Jeffery's hurt!!! "

It took me a minute to recognize the frantic voice on the phone. It was Marilyn's mom.

"Hakim, what's up?" She asked, coming from the hall.

"I think there's been an accident. We have to leave now!!"


I poked and prodded desperately through my closet for something that I used to wear from my old occupation at the club.

After about 30 mins of endless searching, I gave up.

I got my phone off the dresser and dialed Niah's number.


"Hey Niah!" I greeted her.

"Yeah girl wassup?"

"Listen I got a problem? But first, are you still with Cashmere?"

"Yeah. He moved in and everything."

"And how's the sex?" I jokingly asked.

"Great. But what's the reason you called me?"

"Okay listen. Jeremiah he wants a little show and I don't have any clothes for that. I barely remember my dance."

"I have some clothes. Come over."

"Yeah, and also, I was thinking that we could do a double date? I haven't seen you in months!"

"About that... I can't."

"Why?" I whined.

"Cause I'm pregnant..."

"Oh my God!! I'm coming over right now!"


"Marilyn , calm down. This stress and anxiety is not good for the baby."

She didn't reply. Her leg was shaking and her face was tear stained.

We were sitting in the lobby of the local hospital for her dad, Jeffrey. The doctors were doing all they could but he was still unresponsive.

I checked the time on my phone. 11:30 pm.

It was almost midnight and we were both exhausted.

"Anybody in the Lobby here for Jeffrey Dior, please go to room 465."

I grabbed hold of Marilyn's hand and we walked to the room.

"Your Aunt, Jeffreys sister, decided to take him off of life support. I'm sorry. We did all we could."

"We did all we could."
"I'm sorry."
"... decided to take him off of life support."

Everything from then on was a blur. It was in slow motion.
He's gone.
Jeffrey Dior was dead.

"He was supposed to walk me down the aisle. He was supposed to give me away!" Marilyn cried, dropping to the floor at the foot of his bed.
His wife, grabbed tight hold of her deceased husband and cried into his shoulder.
The doctors wiped away silent tears.
His sister banged her head against the wall, tears flowing.
His brothers eyes, filled with anger and betrayal, he slammed his phone to the floor, it shattering in pieces.

And Jeffrey Dior's, lifeless body laying there in the midst of it all.

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