Chapter 2

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Danielle's POV

I wake up to my alarm set for six in the morning. Today is Monday which is our first filming day. Krista texted me yesterday saying I'd need to go to Grey's set to film a quick scene of me running in with a nose but we could do that another day. Today I'm filming the bar scene in which Stefania flirts with me a lot. I'm actually excited especially for the fans reactions.

Stefania texted me the day after I left her house saying thank you and stuff. Apparently no ones ever carried her up to bed before. Surely that's not true right? I mean she's beautiful anyone would do it. You wouldn't just make her sleep on the couch.

I do my morning routine then put jeans on with a navy long sleeve shirt tucked in and buckle a brown belt. I brush my hair but leave it as is because they do my makeup and hair. I hurry downstairs and make sure I have everything and head to my car. I'm going to stop my McDonald's and grab breakfast before going.

I just parked my car on set and head to makeup.

"Hey! Are you heading to makeup?" I hear beside me to see Stefania.

"Yeah, are you?" I ask looking at her.

She nods as we step foot in there. She's now two chairs away from me getting her hair done. I put earbuds in while they do my makeup. In the next few minutes I feel my earbuds being pulled out of my ears. "You need to take them out so I can do you hair." My makeup artist says. I do as told and glance at Stefania.

"Are you excited?" I ask her.

"Very, I can't wait watch the fans reactions and live tweet with them!" She says smiling from ear to ear. You can tell she loves what she does and not just because it gets you money. The look on her face talking about the fans is admirable. I admire her.

"I do that! Maybe when our episode comes out we can hang out and live tweet with them?"

"That's a great idea Bella!" She says excitedly.

I argue in my head rather I want to ask this but end up saying it. "What's Bella mean?"

"Hmm, I don't know? You'll have to figure it out." She says smiling shyly.

I go to google on my phone and she snatches it out of my hands. "No looking it up!" She says smirking.

We're both done so we head out of the trailer talking.

"Savre! We need you for wardrobe!" One of the people yell. I look over at Stefania and give a sympathetic smile.

"I'll see you later... Bella" I say not knowing what it means. She smiles in return.

"You look... familiar." Stefania says.

"Oh no, I drink here a lot."

"Uhh, no. Were you at the hospital earlier?

"Yeah I was. I'm a firefighter... I was bringing something."

We finally ended the scene and are now talking by our cars. "So when is your next day filming?" I ask.

"Thursday." She says. "What about you?"

"Wednesday. "We're filming the fire scenes." I explain.

A lot of the times Stefania and I won't be on set at the same time unless it's couple scenes because we do a lot of fire scenes obviously so she doesn't need to be there for those.

"Hey do you wanna come over tonight? Jaina. Barrett, Jay, and Grey will be there." I ask.

"Sure what time? Also you'll have to text me your address."

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