❤️HeadCannons Part 7: Long Distance❤️

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As someone who was in a long distance relationship, over 1300 miles apart, it can be hard. And the My Hero Characters would all do something special, over the phone.


Izuku would make plans on how to get to you, how much it would cost, where to stay, and who he would bring along with him if anybody.

Bakugou would call you every morning and night to tell you good morning and good night. He refuses to text you unless he has no other choice.

Denki takes you on adventures with him. He facetimes you and tells you all about his day as he's doing it, he doesn't care who can hear him.

Kirishima sends you gifts all the time. Sometimes it's a momento that he had gotten from his day at work, or something that reminded him of you.

Todoroki will steal Endeavor's card to pay for plane tickets. You can't tell me he wouldn't.

Ochako would fall asleep on the phone with you so she can wake up beside you.

Ojiro would call you while he's cooking, that way you can watch. He says eventually, he'll do it for you and make you an amazing dinner.

Iida like to call you at specific times every day. Once in the morning, once at lunch, once at dinner and again before bed. If he doesn't, it throws him off schedule and messes up his entire day.

Jiro calls you to show you songs she's working on or tell you some new tricks she's learned.

Mina wants your advice on her clothes. She knows you'll probably just tell he she looks good in everything but she likes the ego boost.

Although he's miles and miles away, Sero wants to dance with you more than anything. So, until he can, he teaches you step by step through facetime. That way when you meet, you both know exactly what to do, like you'd been with each other for years.

Tokoyami will call to talk but in the end it'll turn into a conversation between you and Dark Shadow. He's so sweet. <3


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