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Laura's POV


Finally. I'm glad to be out, out of that place that brings back too many bad memories.

School was absolutely dreadful this year.
Well, more so towards the end.
Long story short...
I saw my ex-boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend.

Let me correct myself, EX best friend.

I needed to escape from all that drama. I was so glad that summer was here so that I wouldn't have to see those two together.

The sad reality is that I have to return to that place in September.
I have finally realised that taking my education seriously is way more important than keeping up with everyone else's materialism, or worrying about boys...especially my ex.

On the bright side, I get to spend my entire summer away from all that. I'll be able to let it all go.
No more crying and no more feeling sorry for myself.
I cannot wait to breathe in that summer air and absorb up the sun rays. Then, I'll be returning for the new, and last year of high school with a positive mind-set.

I've decided to throw that negativity to the side by engrossing myself in my summer reading list.
My own personal love crap will be left in the past as I delve into adventurous fantasies, and genuine self-help books. There'll be plenty of time for that, as I don't see this summer being anything special.

I sat in the car while my dad drove us to our every summer destination: Sangju Beach.
The name doesn't thrill me anymore because we come here every single summer.

This time, however, my older sister isn't joining us. She's reached that age where my parents have given up on asking her to come, knowing that they'll only be answered by her slamming her bedroom door.
They didn't bother forcing her along, which meant that I was stuck to accompany them on this trip alone.

We were half an hour into the long drive, and my parents were discussing their plans for the holiday.

"...There's the carnival, firework celebration night and the last barbeque to look forward to! Isn't it exciting Laura?"

I chimed in "...Yeah, yeah, just don't expect me to go to all of these events and stuff with you. I want my own alone time this summer."

My mother turned around to face me from the passenger's seat "Ooh, get you. All grown up all of a sudden, are we?" I was poker-faced right now.

She chuckled "Won't you get bored of being alone?"

"No, I have my books. Besides, there won't be anyone there for me to hang out with."

"There's Auntie Park's kids, remember?"

I remembered those two adorable little terrors: Min Jae and Yuri.

Min Jae was your typical hyperactive little guy, always up for adventuring and always wanting to be in charge. Yuri was sweet and kind, even though she only babbled baby speak.

"You mean babysit them the entire summer...right?"

My mother went silent and then turned back to face the front.

I rolled my eyes "Eommaaaaaa" She started laughing with my dad, which meant a definite yes.

"How old are they now anyway?"

"I think Min Jae is six, and Yuri is three or four."

I was excited to see Auntie Lin Park. Ever since I was Yuri's age she'd always stay at the beach house next to us every summer with her husband, Uncle Tim. Then, six years ago they had Min Jae. I saw him growing up from baby to toddler each year. Mrs Park would always treat me like I was her own daughter because she always wanted a baby girl. Min Jae called me noona ever since he was two. Then a few years later we were all excited to meet her own daughter Yuri, who actually looked a lot like me when I was a baby.

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