Even though it seemed like the kids would be my luggage-load the entire trip, I wasn't too bothered. They'd always kill me with their adorable-ness.

We still had a long drive to go, so I pulled out my phone and started scrolling through tumblr. I was immediately struck by the abundance of summer photos and quotes that polluted my dashboard.

I came across one which read:

~Every summer has its story. We all look forward to summer because we know - or at least hope - that it brings a boy into our lives. One that will take our breath away, make our heart pound a little faster, and make our smile shine a little brighter~

"Yuck" I rolled my eyes and switched over to my music.
Summer romances are so cliché, they never happen anyway, and boys were the last thing on my mind right now.

I stuck my headphones in and muted the rest of the journey, draining out the remainder of my parents' conversation, while peacefully bobbing my head to the music. It wasn't too long before I closed my eyes and drifted off into a blissful sleep.

Multiple knocks on the car window frightened me awake. We had finally arrived. I saw Auntie Lin holding Yuri up to peer into the car. She smiled brightly when I made eye contact with her.

"UNNIE LAURA!" she cheered as she continued to slap the window with her little palms. Auntie Lin quickly put her down to stop her.

Wow, she speaks now, and can call me unnie?!

I stretched out my body on the back seat with a cranky moan, before exiting the car. I stepped out and swung my backpack over one shoulder.

"Laura! Let me take a look at you!" Auntie Lin held me by my shoulders.

"It's only been a year auntie."

"And what a year has done! You're blossoming into quite the young lady. I've missed you!" she hugged me.

"I've missed you too." I hugged back, tighter.

I looked out at the beach view and took in a deep breath.
Instantly, I felt warm inside.
This summer is going to be so chill.

I snapped out of my daydream noticing that Yuri was now hugging my leg.
She was so cute.
I ruffled her soft black hair and then picked her up.

"I've missed you too unnie" her eyes got lost in her smile, while her rosy-pink cheeks glowed in the sunlight.

Auntie Lin's husband then came out and also greeted us before helping my parents put our luggage and stuff in our beach house.

Yuri kicked her legs lightly to get my attention. "Unnie, let's go inside to see Jae-Jae." She always called her oppa that instead of Min Jae.

I started walking towards their beach house with Auntie Lin before we encountered Min Jae. He was standing in front of the door with his arms crossed. I made eye contact with the little cutie but he glared at me before running inside.

What's up with him? Does he not remember me or something?

"That's strange...he wouldn't stop talking about you earlier...'Laura noona this, Laura noona that, I want Laura noona to take me here and there.' He was excited before."

I shrugged and followed her inside.

Why was he acting like this?

As we walked into the kitchen I felt nostalgic as this place had not changed one bit. The wooden walls were still painted a soothing pale blue with white furniture, all aired out with a dozen windows and colourful paintings on the walls. It was like a dream house with the sun shining through every window, which led out the most spectacular view of the beach.

As I put Yuri down I noticed some unpacked bags and a skateboard resting against the kitchen door.

"Whose board is that?" I pointed out "Min Jae can skate already?!"

Yuri waddled over to it "Chim-Chim oppa's"

"Chim-Chim oppa? Who's that?"

Auntie Lin interrupted "Oh I forgot to mention, my nephew Jimin is staying this summer. Yuri still can't pronounce his name."

That was cute, but oh great. Another toddler to take care of.

"What's the damage? 8, 9 years old, perhaps?"

Uncle Tim strolled in with my father while answering my question "He's a year or two older than you, actually." I widened my eyes in surprise.

My mother's face brightened all of a sudden "See Laura, you will have a friend here."

I sighed "I'm just so glad to see you two again." I pulled Uncle Tim and Auntie Lin in a side hug.

Uncle Tim put his hand on my shoulder "I'm sure you'll get along with Jimin, he's friendly and easy going." He continued to describe Jimin to me but I was too busy looking out of the window, distracted by the crashing waves.

I wanna go exploring.

"Come on Yuri, let's hit the beach."

"Oh-tay." She chirped and ran over to hold my hand.

I looked around a bit "Where's Min Jae?"

Auntie Lin then pulled me to the side. "He's been a little shy ever since we said you were coming back this summer."

I gave her a confused look "...But, why? What did I do?"

"Nothing wrong dear, remember when he used to call you noona..."


"...and say that he always wanted to have a girlfriend when he was older that is just like you?"

"Whoa, I don't remember that."

She laughed "Well I think he's just a little embarrassed to see you, it's cute. He really admires you. I'm sure he'll come around."

I walked out to the front with Yuri and offered my hand to Min Jae but he continued to cross his arms and walked on, leading the way to some rock pools.

Yuri and I followed behind, her hand wrapped around my pinkie finger.

We stepped between rock pools trying to keep balance while turning over rocks and shells to find any critters.

I gave up after a while and just stood staring out at the view.

To one side of the white sands were campgrounds, there was usually summer camps going on here. If I got bored of the beach there was always shopping streets to go to in town.

I stared out at sea towards a mountain far back.

"Geumsan." I heard a voice appear a few metres behind me.

I turned around to see a guy, perhaps my age.

He was wearing a white wife beater and light blue surf shorts "Sorry, what?"

He pointed to where I was previously looking, out at sea "Behind the beaches is a mountain called Geumsan. It's very well known for its beautiful sunrises. I'd recommend seeing the sunrise in the morning, enjoying the beach's water during the day, and finally spending an evening of ocean fishing at either Namuseom or Dolseom Island"

"What are you, a tour guide?"

Well, if he was, he was doing a good job.

I've been here almost every year of my life and I've not known about the beautiful sunrises.

He shook his head "I'm not a tour guide, just awfully informative." He chuckled.

What a dork...

He ruffled his shiny black hair exposing his sculpted arm "Oh...sorry, by the way, I'm Jimin."

Author's Note:
This is my new Jimin fanfic, based around himself and not Bangtan.
Please comment to tell me what you think so far!
I named the story after BTS's song The Stars, which is on their Japanese album Wake Up.
I hope you enjoy this cute little story :)
-Laura c:

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