Temptation P3

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Since August came back home we ain't been on speaking terms, I mean he will kiss my forehead and tell me he loves me and than he'll leave. He comes and he goes. But. I deserve that shit, I shouldn't of cheated in the first place, I know how it feels. But for damn sure I never cheated with Drake, Never.

"I love you" August said looking at me kissing my forehead

I grabbed his arm before he could walk out the door, "August, I'm really sorry."

"Yeah, I'll see you later." he said taking my hand away and leaving

I sighed.


I looked over at my door and seen MJ, I reached for him and he came over to me, I cried and rocked him back and forth in my arms

"Mama, didn't mean to baby." I said

"I know mama" he said

"Where's your sisters?"

"They went out with TJ."

I sighed and hugged him so close.

"Mama, Don't cry. Everything will be alright"

"I hope so baby, I hope so." I said

"It will" he said getting up

"Where you going?"

"I have to finish watching my show, I'll be back"

I nodded and he left, I didn't know what to do. August comes and goes and never sleeps in the same bed with me, Never touches me. I just don't know, I tried everything. Everything. I just want us to be like we was, I would do anything to erase what happened

"You alright?"

I looked up and over at him and just laid in the bed and closed my eyes. I heard keys rattling and the bedroom door close, See what I mean?

I wanna forgive her so bad. But, I can't. Just not right now, I was gone leave but I had to think about the kids. If we ain't have kids, I would've been left but I can't just up and leave, at least not right now. I know the guilt is getting to Maya but, She just don't know the pain she caused. How could she sleep with this nigga? I loved this woman even when he was doing her wrong, See this what I was afraid of. She keeps leading me on, I knew this was gone happen. That's why I distance myself from her. I kiss her on the forehead and tell her I love her and that's about it. It's just not right for me to just go back to her when she obviously still wants this nigha- I don't know man, I'll give it some time.

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