Chapter 14

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After Peter disposed of Joe's head and body, he went to go help Sarah back to her feet. He has been lucky because Sarah hasn't seen Peter for his real self. A killer.

"Sarah get up," Peter said.

Sarah let out a giant groan.

"Did I kill her?" Sarah questioned.

"Ya she's back in the board," Peter encouraged.

"Burn it," Sarah ordered.

Peter listened to his sister because he thought of the same thing. He put the board back in its dusty box, and took it downstairs. He lit a match from a matchbox in his kitchen. Slowly gone. The evil that was terrorizing the Meyer's Manor and family was finally abolished. Little did Peter know that this was just the beginning.

Sarah came stumbling down the stairs as the last shreds of the board finished burning. Sarah grinned from the sight of ashes, but slowly that grin became a frown. They had to start from square one again. Trying to find out why there parents died.

"So what do we do now?" Sarah asked.

Peter thought long and hard. That question wedged itself into his inner thoughts, and he could not get rid of it. A spark flew.

"The writing!" Peter shouted in joy.

"What writing?" Sarah questioned again.

"The one in blood on the bathroom wall in Aunt Elma and Uncle Jeffrey's house," Peter recalled.

"Oh yeah I was wondering what that was," Sarah said. "Here a took a pic of it."

Saraj pulled out her smart phone from her pocket; she pressed the keys so fast it was like she was on a sugar rush. A picture appeared of the blood writing.

391 Miller Lane
Jerry Meyer

"Uncle Jerry!" Peter and Sarah screamed.

Uncle Jerry was from Peter and Sarah's father's side of the family. He wasn't married and he always had his brother.

"Why would he wasn't us dead?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know, but he was always creepy," Peter remarked.

"Should we call the police?" Sarah suggested.

"No!" Peter snapped. "I mean no we... I can handle it."

"Ok let's get in the car and go then," Sarah ordered.

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