Temptation P2

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"Maya, stop man."

"Get out, Trey"

"Maya, don't act like you didn't want that shit."

"Trey, What we had is over man. "

"It's over but we was just fucking?"

"That was a mistake, alright?"

"A mistake? A mistake but you wasn't stopping me" I said pulling her on my lap looking at her

"Because.-- Trey you just need to leave"

"I ain't going no damn where" I said pulling her lips against mines laying her on the couch kissing on her neck

"Mm, t-Trey stop." She said moaning

I lifted her back up on my lap and started kissing on her neck

"MAYA! TF?" August said walking in the house

She hopped off my lap and they went at it, when she came back in she threw me my shirt and pushed me out the house

"TF! MAYA open this damn door." I said

"Trey, LEAVE!"

"Maya, don't do this shit."

She opened the door and looked at me,

"Trey, Go to your house with your wife. And be with her"


"Because, she loves you. You need to stop hurting that girl, Stop hurting me. I'm sorry but this was all a mistake. I knew this was wrong, I shouldn't have done that. Trey, what we had? That's over with" she said buttoning up her blouse

"Maya, you can't just forget about us..."

"Yes, I can Trey and I'm going to forget about us. I love August"

"You love him but you was just fucking me? Right?"

"Trey that's beneath the point. It was a mistake" she said

"You actually thought I was just at the warehouse for TJ?"

"Trey what that got to do with any--"

"I was there for you. I would have died for you man. I didn't care if she shot me in my head, As long as you was safe and had an better outcome. That was why I was there. Giving my life up for you. But, like always my shit never works out, you ended up getting hurt."

"Trey, -- Listen, I appreciate for that but I can handle my own. The reason I'm always hurt so much is because I can handle hurt, I been shot multiple times, raped, stabbed, beaten and my heart was even broken. But, I always end up having a good outcome because God won't put no more on me than I can bier. I know I did some things in the past and that's why I'm going through what I go through, Shit I was an Assassin growing up, That's all I knew. Killing people was my life back in the day and than I met you, You escaped me from that person. But of course, you misused me like every body else. Leaving me in my pain to deal with. Because of you, I hold a grudge in my heart, So no there isn't gone be another chance for us no matter what you say, what we do? I don't care, I'm done with you. That shit we did? I'm sorry but I regret it."

I looked at her and shook my head, "You don't mean that"

"Don't fucking tell me what I mean, Don't tell me what I mean" she said looking at me

"So this it? You just gone walk away like nothing happened."

"Damn right. I got someone that I need to fight to get back, I fucked up."

"He don't love you like I love you."

"You damn right. Because, love wouldn't hurt somebody over and over again." She said to me getting in her car leaving



Damn August. Pick up. I pulled over in the parking lot of Subway and dialed his number again

Phone Convo with August,

August: Maya, leave me the hell alone.

Me: August, I'm sorry.

August: How could you do this shit to me again?

Me: August, I'm sorry. It won't happen again

August: Nah, I can't go back to you this easy. I told you, if you fucked around with Trey... I was done with you

Me: I know that and I'm sorry.

August: Why would you?

Me: I was caught up and I admit that, I'm sorry

August: Did you sleep with him?

Me: *pauses*

August: MAYA! Did you sleep with him?

Me: Yes.

August: Really? Really Maya?"

He hung up. I dialed him again, he didn't answer so I called the credit card company and seen that he rented a room at the hotel down the street, No way in hell was Trey gone fuck this up.


I knocked at his room door, He ain't answer so I unlocked it with the room key. He looked at me and sighed

"What the hell you doing here?"

"I came to apologize."

"Apologize? Man Maya leave."

"No, August. Security gone have to drag me out"

"Than that's what gone happen because, I ain't bout to talk to you."

"You so damn stubborn."

"I'm stubborn? You slept with another man."

"It was a mistake"

"Yeah that's what they always say when they get caught"

"August, baby I love you."

"You love me?"


He laughed and grabbed my hand and took the key out my hand sitting it on the dresser and putting me out the room, locking it

"AUGUST." I yelled banging on his door

"Go to hell, Maya. Gone do me like this? After I always put my life on the line for you? After I loved you? You didn't think about me when you was laying in bed with Trey, You would've been mad if I slept around on you. I might just do that shit so you know how that feels. You make me wonder if you really fucked Drake too. " he said

"AUGUST, OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR" I said kicking and banging on it

"Maya, leave"

"I hate you, August. Open the door, I want to apologize"

"Apologize my ass." he said opening the door throwing me my purse and closing it back locking it


"Bye Maya"

I sighed and just left. I'll wait til he cool off.

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