Tris pov

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I can hear his heavy footsteps behind me. When I finally bust into the dining hall, laughing, I run over to where my friends sit. "What just happened" asked Christina. "You will see in a minute" I reply. Then Tobias burst in, "You little cheat", he says coming over. "Yeah but you love me" I tease. "Mhmm" he mumbles pulling me into a kiss. "Come up for air every once in a while" Lynn says. "Whatever" I say, while blushing. "Are you two ready for the meeting" Four asked Christina and Will. "We both are speaking of which we need to get going" Will says. "See you guys" me and Tobias say. We all start walking towards the glass building. Max meets us outside to give us the rules. "Okay guys, I want the girls in the chairs and the men standing up behind the, you are to give everyone your real name (except for four), and you guys watch it with the PDA because abnegation will be in there". "Cool" we all say. When we walk in we are meat by a weird sight. All the leaders have their wives or girlfriend sitting in front of them, with them standing behind them. I see Robert and Amity clothes Caleb and Susan in erudite clothes, and my mom and dad. This should be fun.

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