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Ace pov

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Ace pov

My 4 periods went good.

Except for some girls openly coming at my table and flirting with me.

I hate these type of people.

I was missing lessie a lot.

What will she be doing now?

I sighed and started using my phone for the last 10 minutes of 4th period.

Lessie also has a phone but she uses it very less.

I gave her incase there is an emergency while I am out.

Soon, the bell ranged.

I collected all my books and put the in my locker.

I reached the cafeteria and saw all the brothers standing outside.

I raised an eyebrow at them.

"We are waiting for al" Marco said.

I stood beside them.

It got late.

She should be there by now.

I got scared.

What if something happened to her.

We all started looking for lessie in classrooms.

Suddenly a small body crashed in my hard chest and hugged me.

I froze for a moment but then immediately hugged back when I saw that it was lessie.

"Where were you baby? I was scared." I whispered nuzzling my head in her hairs.

She sniffled.

What the fuck.

I pulled from the hug.


This caught the attention of all the boys.

I was angry.

I was beyond angry.


Whosoever did this will pay.

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