Temptation P1

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Trey came over to see how I was doing as usual.

"Hey Baby girl, How you doing?"

"I'm doing good. Just been in the studio"

"Yeah, heard your new single. Some real shit"

"You think so?"

He smiled, "I know so."

"Where the girls?" He asked me

"With Maliyah" I answered going over to the kitchen and cooking

"Look, I'm sorry about what went down with Daysi. I ain't mean to get you hurt" he said

"Trey, Baby I know that." I said brushing his cheek and looking back down at the skillet

"You know I still love you, right?" He asked wrapping his arms around my waist

"Yeah, I know that. And, I love you too." I said taking his hands away

"C'mon Maya. Why you frontin?"

"Nigga ain't you and your wife expecting a baby? Shouldn't you be at home with her and not trying to hook up with a married woman"

"I told you, Shit was never over between me and you. All I did? I was playing a deck of cards to please you, You the only woman I wanna be with. My feelings ain't changed. I love Vee but, she ain't you."

"Right cause she don't put up with your bullshit?" I asked

"That and.. I ain't got no love for her"

I looked at him and shook my head turning the food of

"Tremaine, I don't want you anymore." I said

"Oh you don't?"

"No, I don't"

He pulled me by my butt, sitting me on the corner and kissing on my neck causing me to moan.


I pulled up to the house and I walked inside and seen Trey kissing on Maya's neck, I got mad,


She pushed him back and looked over at me, "August, I'm sorry.."

"Nah, fuck you man! I knew this shit wasn't over. Remember what I told you would happen if I saw you with this nigga again?"


"Well, that's about to happen. Alright? Y'all have fun" I said grabbing my keys and walking out the door


"Nah, fuck you Maya." I said

"August, please..."

"You wasn't thinking about me when you was sitting on his lap with your damn shirt off letting him kiss on you? You wasn't thinking about August then." I said pushing her out my way

"August, I'm sorry."

"Damn right you gone be sorry. I ain't did none but love you, Not once have I mistreated you, I been faithful to you. I killed for you and this how you repay me? Was that little fun worth loosing a good thing? Ask yourself that." I said getting in my car leaving


I pulled up to the hotel and got a room and went up to it. How the fuck can she do me like this? If I hadn't come home early she would've fucked this nigga. I ain't did none but love this woman and she gone do this to me? I can't do this, I'm done. Where you at Mel when I need you? You better come encourage me because I swea Fo GAWD I'm leaving Maya and I ain't looking back.

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