20 - Snow Day

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Luke (Age 10):

You were off school today and you had gotten about 8 inches of snow last night. You, Luke, Ben, and Jack were all sitting around the TV, an episode of Spongebob on. You decided to ask your big brothers, "Hey, can we play outside?" You pouted your lip and batted your eyelashes, something you knew they couldn't say no to. They all sighed in defeat and went to get changed.

Soon, all three of you were outside. Y'all decided to have a snowball fight, you and Luke against Ben and Jack. You and Luke built your fort and then the game began. You and Luke used your arsenal of snowballs and practically covered your older brothers. The war was in full swing but then out of nowhere, Ben came up and ruined your fort. "BENJAMIN HEMMINGS YOU WILL PAY!" You jumped on his back and he face planted right into the snow.

Luke laughed and helped you off of Ben, also helping you win the war. Your older brothers surrendered so everyone decided to head inside. Luke carried you in and you curled up in his lap while you drank hot chocolate and watched movies. During the third movie, you ended up falling asleep. Luke didn't have the heart to move you so he simply stayed there and took a nap himself.

Michael (Age 3):

You looked out the window and saw the snow, mesmerized by how everything was so white. You ran up to your brother's room and saw that he was still asleep. You started jumping on his bed yelling, "MIKEY! SNOW! UP! UP! UP!" Michael just groaned and rolled over, putting his pillow over his head. You sat down and began poking his face. "Y/N, why don't you sleep?" "'Cause, Mikey! There's snow outside! Have to play!" He sighed and sat up, putting you in his lap. "Let's go get you dressed so we can go play!"

Soon you were suited up; covered head to toe with hat, scarf, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots. You toddled outside and almost immediately fell over into a snow pile. Michael rushed over to you, expecting you to cry, but instead you just giggled and patted the snow next to you, wanting Michael to come and sit, too. "Mikey, sit!" He laughed and sat next to you and was then covered in snow. You continued to throw snow on top of him until all you could see was the tips of his blue hair.

All of a sudden, he sprang up and growled like a monster, scaring the crap out of you. You began to cry and he felt very guilty. "Y/N, babe, I'm really sorry. Mikey didn't mean to scare you," he said, tickling you to try to cheer you up. Once you were smiling again, you guys decided to head inside because it was naptime. "Tank you, Mikey, for snow," you said as he put you in your bed. "You're welcome, princess," he said, kissing your head and then leaving the room.

Calum (Age 15):

You were off of school today and your plan was to catch up on schoolwork all day. Calum, on the other hand, had a different idea. You went to the bathroom and Calum hid all of your school work in his room. You came out and saw that your work wasn't on your desk. You walked into the kitchen to find Calum sipping on some water while checking Twitter. "So, Cal, happen to see any school work laying around anywhere?" He looked up at you with a look that was so blank, it could have been the space that Taylor Swift will write names on.

"I have no idea what you are speaking of, sister dearest," he said, a slight smile forming on the corner of his mouth. "Come on, Cal. I need to get work done today so I don't fall behind." "No way. You finally get a day off of school and I'm not gonna let you spend it doing work. How about we go see a movie or something?" You sighed and ran your hand over your face. You knew you needed to get stuff done bu t you also knew that Calumw as never gonna give you your work unless you did what he wanted first.

"Fine, but after, can I do some homework?" "Sure. I'm just here to mkae sure you have some fun first! What else are big brothers for?" You both laughed and headed to the movie theater, choosing to see the new Action movie. 3 hours later you felt more relaxed and ended up going home and realxing with Calum, not even touching your work. "See? Snow days are for fun!"

Ashton (Age 6):

When you woke up around 10:00am, you were very worried that you would be late for school. You threw on clothes and rushed out to the living room, seeing Ashton sitting on the couch. "Come on, Ash! I'm late for school!" Ashton lightly laughed at you and then said, "You don't have school today! It's a snow day!" You sighed and then flopped onto the couch, your head in Ashton's lap. "Someone could have told me!" "Sorry, bug," Ashton said, kissing your head.

"Well, since you don't have school and there's plaenty of snow outside, wanna make some snow ice cream?" "Yeah!" Ashton grabbed a cup measure and a bowl and headed otuside, getting a few cups of snow to make the delicious treat. He came back in and began to add in all of the ingredients that you had gotten out for him. You helped him mix it all together and soon, it was complete.

You each got a bowl and sat down at the table, deciding what else you guys should do today. You guys were content with staying in, cuddling, and catching up on what has been going on lately. You didn't get many days alone with Ashton so you cherished every moment you had with your older brother.


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