Unknown lover

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Deep inside my heart, I was

fallen for you long ago,

the way you talk, I just feel like music

that I want to hear all my life, till I die.

I want to hug you, cuddle you

kiss like never before,

And to say all the feeling I want to say 

which are suppressed deep inside my heart.

All the happiness I feel you smile at me.

the weird feelings I experience,

 when you see me, compliment me

it feels wonderful and my heart flutters.

All the feelings I feel

the jealousy, anger I experience

when you talk or spend more time with other girls

burn my stomach like anything.

But still, I love you

even you can't give me back

for all the known reasons,

wholeheartedly I want to say I love you.


sorry if I did any mistake.

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