lost feeling

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Life is so hard, but my body keeps fighting for me against the trap that the mind creates for me or the heart trying to keep the thought overpowered. 

Soul encouraging me to give a chance to relive my life forgetting all the excuses I have to do that.

My friends are trying to help even though I feel bad for burdening them with the stupid rant.

My thoughts are wandering around about what I should do that or I shouldn't do that.

My smiles are getting shorter and shorter because of my overwhelmed unclear thoughts.

Feeling, this is not for me even though my heart to try it once more feels like a loser.

Anger and frustration bothering me more than anything

Still, I try to find the lost feeling in me, hoping to get back soon.

I wish in this digital world, I can express my feeling than expressing in words which I lack in.

I wish I can communicate what I feel at that time than ranting it later to myself.

Trying new fun but the consistency of doing that till it gets good is only lacking me.

Completing things is a great feeling but how to do that?

Quote feel good when u hear or read and I think I can do anything until start doing that.  

No, wait, at least I should start to complete it.

Running away from things feel so good until it ruins the further feeling.

Still bottom of my heart, I want to accomplish the things that I running away from.

To feel the lost feel of feeling accomplished, feeling loved, feeling of loving myself, my body, my soul.

the lost feeling of being me.

The long break I took made me lazier, procrastinate more, faking with my loved one that I working hard for my future is making me worst.

Still, thoughts of my body and soul fighting for me, to make a better person, pushing me to work harder.

Hope the girl I know with a better fighting spirit face the world and love herself and the girl around her sharing love but nothing else.

Because she only knows to share the love which got cover by ego, anger, stress.

Still, the love can't hide for more time inside as that one got from her family gene.

To share love till they said that enough for them :hehe:

Hey lost feeling, I just got lost in the wrong route. Soon I'm coming to capture u and never I'm gonna leave u even I know sometimes u love to tease me showing the wrong routes to reach u.

Don't worry I'm just a crazy lover of you who got misled by other ones but I got crazier this time which u may love more to tease me.



Hey guys, another flowless and pointless letter.


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