You Don't Understand.

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So, I'll be putting a picture of how I kinda picture Juliet on here. Pretty much as soon as I publish. Sooo. Watch for it. :)




Today was the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone had packed their bags and we were soon leaving for Holmes Chapel. We were taking two large SUVs. Niall, Harry, myself, the kids (including little Xavier) and Ella were taking one, then Liam, Dani, El, Lou, Zayn and Perrie were taking the other. We did have too much luggage. Just some sets of clothes and stuff. We would only be there for a few days.

At this point, we were just making sure we all had everything packed up and in the vehicles, and that all doors were locked. Once we were all ready, we left. It was only a three hour trip, but there was snow coming down, and it was getting harder every minute. I was afraid we wouldn't even be able to make it. Harry was the careful driver in the car; he always focused better with me or the kids in the vehicle.

Liam called us on the in vehicle phone or whatever it was. I pressed answer on the little screen.

"What's up, Liam?" I asked.

"Snow's coming down hard... are we sure we want to keep going?"

"Look, it's a an hour and a half either way we go. We might as well keep going. There's no ice on the roads yet, just snow. And Harry needs to see his mum and sister."

"Good point. Alright, we'll keep pushing on. Harry?"

"Yeah, Liam?"

"Don't push it too hard, alright? These roads are dangerous with this much snow."

"I know, Liam. I've gotten them this far." Harry joked.

"Okay, whatever," he laughed. "Bye guys."

I hung up, and chuckled at them. I loved staying with these boys. I looked behind me and saw all children sleeping, and even Niall and Ella. Niall had his head on a pillow against the window, and Ella had her head on his shoulder. Sarah sat next to Ella, leaning her head on her window. Jr, Darcy and Xavier all sat in their chairs in the very back, fast asleep. As I turned back to face forward, I could Harry glancing at me.

"Keep your eyes on the road, Harold." I chuckled slightly.

"You're just a beautiful sight see, love."


She smiled. Probably thinking her simplistic look wasn't all that cute. She wore her usual fit jeans. Ones that fit in all the right places. Dark blue. I think she wore her Converse. She had many, many pairs in all different colors, low and high. Today, I think they were black. She had an oversized sweater, a tan one. She looked like a girl you'd find off of Tumblr.

"Harold, come on now. Keep looking at the road and not me." she said.

I reached over taking her hand and holding it on the center console.

"Now I think I can do that."


"Just making sure you're not going anywhere."

She smiled, and so did I.

The rest of the ride went by smoothly. It took a bit longer to get to Holmes Chapel, but we got there safely, which was most important. My mum and sister came outside all bundled up as we pulled in with the SUVs. I turned off the vehicle, jumped off and went to hug my mum and sister.

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