The Mysterious Star chapter 1!

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ok so this is my first story i am going to write about. i had it in a dream and thought it would be a really kool story so i hope everyone likes it :) vote and comment plz!!!!

i woke up again, sweating i had that stupid dream again . i wonder why i keep having that same dream over and over again its been happening since i was 14 years old. im 17 years old now and i havent had a good nights sleep since who knows when. i got up from my bed and went into the kitchen on my tip toes trying not to wake up my family.i have two younger annoying siblings,a father who works all day long and a over protective mother. i went in the refridgerator and got a glass of water trying to calm myself down.

i was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and darkness.i was running, but i dont know from where or who.i stopped on the edge of a cliff and looked down. i am really afraid of heights and deep waters but to my lucky self thats what i saw ,a great plunge into deep water.i got dizzy just looking at it.i heard twiggs brake and leafs ruffle under foot steps that are coming closer and closer.i started panicking i had 2 choses i could jump off the cliff and probably drown since i cant swim or i can stay here and await another cruel death. i looked at the trees again when i saw a pair of red eyes looking at me i felt a horrible chill down my back and i froze it was coming closer i knew what i had to do. i jumped of the cliff head first and saw the water coming closer to me i knew it was goin to be cold and deep i closed my eyes and waited for me to go in the water.

Then thats when i awake my dream all scared, tired ,and sweaty. i know i have to get my self all calmed before i go back to sleep because if i dont ill have the same dream over again.i went to the closet and took out my long black coat because i only had my sleeping shorts and tank top on.i opened the door really quietly and slipped my keys in my pocket.i went up stairs to my apartment roof and found a nice place to sit i looked up at the night sky trying to locate some stars since it was really hard to because i live in new york and with all the lights u can barely see any stars at night.i breathed in and out slowly just relaxing.i closed my eyes sometimes i feel like i was born in the wrong century because i absolutatly loved the midevil times of princes and princesses at balls and there beautiful breath taking castles. i opened my eyes i think its time for me to go back.i sighed.i got up and looked at this one star it was really bright and beautiful.

The star seemed to be getting bigger and bigger umm i think i really getting too tired. Right when i was going to take one more step a blue light came down from the star i was in utter shock .The light was glittery and was mesmerizing I had no control over my body i just walked towards it i wanted to touch it, very dumb i know but i couldnt help it.i raised my hand towars the light to touch it but i stopped i was going to pull away when a hand came out and pulled me in.i screamed out of shock and tried pulling away but the mysterious hand pulled me in the light all the way in. When it did i closed my eyes and blacked out.   

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