-1:First School Day

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Before anything else, wanted to thank this friend for the suggestion of this story. Thank you for trusting me with your kind of idea. Have fun!

Nayeon's PoV

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Nayeon's PoV

It is a sunny morning and this day is not just an ordinary morning. Today is the first day of school... Where we will train our ability and intellectuals.


"Princess Nayeon, we already prepared your clothes for your first day."

"Come in!" I said as I went out of my bed.

I faced the mirror to see my perfect figure.

"So perfect," I uttered.

The maids walked in carrying sets of clothes.

"So fancy."


"Bad girl."

I uttered while checking on what they are carrying.

"Ah, this one! Need to be friendly on the first day of school."  I said. The maid walk closer to me and gave me the clothes. They are about to go out when one stops and faced me.

"Princess Jeongyeon is waiting downstairs. Do you want me to call her?"

"Yeah sure."

I walked on the balcony and sight the beautiful scenery.

"Hmm... there's a possibility I will get into the section of the royalties."

"Hey, geek."

I looked back and saw Jeongyeon already lying on her side at my bed.

"Your manners Jeongyeon. Don't you know how to knock? And excuse me, I am not a geek." I said resting my hands on my waist.

"Oh yeah, math geek. Do you have expectations later?"

I smirked and crossed my arms.

"And why would I tell you?"

"You're really greedy for that. I'll go-"

"Hey, I'm just joking. Ok, listen." I said and cleared my throat.

"The morning is sunny, the class will start later on and it will be hard for us since the school is here. A hundred percent is sure that the teachers will ask me to tour my classmates. Aishh, I know it's sunny but... I don't want to go out on the field!"

"Then don't."

I rolled my eyes and checked my watch.

I have 1 hour to prepare. Doing this and that will consume 30 minutes. I think I can go to school in time.

Gosh, my ability sucks.

"You can go, let's see each other at the school," I said to Jeongyeon.

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