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This story is available in full on Radish. This version on Wattpad is only the first six chapters.

Why? You may ask. Why has this story jumped platforms?

Simply because I'm a freelance writer. Wattpad isn't a paying platform. And as much as I love my readership here, as I wouldn't have a readership without this little orange app, I also love not being homeless and paying my electric bill on time.

It's 2021 and I'm a firm believer in paying your writers for the time that they're putting into the content that's being delivered. Same goes for artists, for anybody that is dedicating their time & energy toward a product.

I produced free content for nine years. Without those nine years, I wouldn't have a publishing deal or a movie option. And I'm SO incredibly grateful for those opportunities. But it's time for me to grow, even if that means doing so across multiple platforms.

I know this is disappointing to some. I understand, I've been solely existing on Wattpad since July 2011. This story was my first attempt at writing a character growth story, using romance as a subplot. A chance to find what voice I want to put out into the world. And it's a very hard goodbye.

But I'm excited for what the future holds! And I hope that you guys can follow our Bradshaw Boys on their new platform for this next step.

With love always, Rachel.

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