Sting growled to himself as he stuffed the letter into his pocket and stormed out the door. Kagura would definetely be hearing about this...

In the Mountians, Hunting Monsters: Rogue

Rogue sighed as the gentle breeze blew against his hair, causing it to flow gently through the wind. He smiled a little to himself. He had never been more relaxed. Coming out to have some alone time was definetely a good idea on his part, he was content and happy. Maybe a little lonely, but that would probably fade as he got more interested into his work. The village at the base of the mountianous region was the one that sent out the job request. Rumor had spread around the villiange that there was a base of demons in the centre of the largest mountian, although the actual location of the mountian was never mentioned when he was gathering information about the possible dangers of mountian climbing as well as demon hunting. Rogue may have taken this a little to high, this was a difficult job and he definetely would struggle with a whole base of demons. Maybe he could get through most of them, but all of them was stretching his abilities a little. Shadow drive and dragon force combined could definetely do some work. He could probably get through it alone... but maybe a bit of help would have been useful... 

"Rogue!" he heard a loud, female voice call up to him, which caught him a little off gaurd. How did someone recognise him this far away from Sabertooth? But the voice was a voice he definetely recognised, but dreaded to see if he was correct to matching the voice to the person he was thinking of. He paused and looked down and to his suprise, he saw...

Outside Mermaid Heel's Hotel: Sting

Sting gritted his teeth and growled a little, clentching the note written by Rogue in his hand. He tried to calm down, but to not avail, he smashed against the door, a little more force than there really should have been. Millianna awkwardly opened the door and Sting completely paused in his tracks. "Um.. hi?" Millianna asked a little quiet, good thing Sting had increased hearing or he would have heard nothing. "H-Hey, is Kagura in?" His rage slowly starting to rise again. 

"No, sorry..." Millianna replied and Sting stared at her dumbfounded. "Where is she?" he said, a little more aggressive that it should have been, causing Millianna to flinch. Sting paused and sighed. "I'm sorry... it's just, Rogue ran away and he didn't tell anyone, and I wanted to talk about it with Kagura..." Sting said and Millianna raised an eyebrow. "Ran away?" she repeated and he nodded. "Yeah, he went on a solo mission and didn't tell anyone, and he left extremely early in the morning." Sting explianed and Millianna nodded a little. "Strange, because Kagura took a solo mission earlier as well..." Millianna said, more so thinking aloud.

Sting raised his head and looked at her. "You think they planned this?!" he shouted a little. "Maybe..." Millianna thought to herself and Sting continued to look down. Millianna noticed he wasn't very happy about the whole ordeal and so did what should be nice. "Would you like to come in?" Sting perked up a little. "Uh.. sure..."

Back in the Mountians: Rogue and ???

"Oh, hey Kagura..." Rogue said, a little shocked but also a tad disappointed. He had disappeared to get away and think, but even then he couldn't get to be alone. Kagura looked at him oddly. She picked up very quickly that he was acting strangley. She quickly scaled the rock, bringing herself to his level. They locked eyes and she met his gaze, causing it to change slightly, bring out more kindness. Kagura placed the hilt of her sword under his chin, using her other hand to grab gently onto his collar. She was suddenly so assurtive... and yet Rogue didn't seem to mind. 

"Tell me what's wrong." Kagura said, her voice was a mix between a command and a little sign of worry. Rogue didn't like being commanded, that was for sure, but he couldn't help but blush from how close their bodies where. "Nothing." He replied, and it was obvious she didn't believe him. She quickly sweeped his feet and he landed on his back. He groaned a little from the sudden attack, but before he could recover, Kagura sat on his stomach and fully pinned him, her blade against his neck. He gulped hard and looked at her, still no fear was evident in his eyes.

"Now, tell me the truth, what's wrong." she repeated. Rogue sighed, then quickly turned the tables. He gripped her wrists and flipped thier position, placing him between her legs. "First of all, never underestimate me." Rogue said with a mild smirk. Kagura was now blushing intensely, trying to get free but Rogue had a tight grip. "Also, nothing is wrong. Now excuse me but I have a job to do." He said quickly letting go of her and standing up. She looked at him as if he was crazy, and he sure of hell was acting like it.

"Something is definetely wrong." she said, quickly gaining her composure and catching up with Rogue. He walked at a brisk and calm pace but Kagura was still a little flustered after their small experience. Rogue suddenly paused and looked up at the mountian that seemed to be in the dead centre of the mountian range. Kagura kept on puffing her cheeks and trying to gain his attention, but he seemed so incredibly caught up with the work. 

Kagura had finally had enough. She knew something was bothering him and she needed to know or she would worry to death. "Alright, so the base is probably in the-" Rogue was speaking aloud to himself, before Kagura tackled him from behind, taking them both down to the ground. "Ah, Kagura..." he began, turning over, before realising just how close they were. Their faces were literally inches away from each other and Kagura kept her eyes determined and her face strong. "Um... Kagura..." Rogue tried to start again, but Kagura wouldn't break, she just stayed strong. 

"What. Is. Wrong." She said firmly, and Rogue just released a sigh dramatically. "I've said it once and I'll say it again. Nothing." That was the last straw. Kagura grabbed his cheeks and connected their lips. Rogue's eyes widened and stayed that way for the whole kiss. Kagura seemed to be enjoying it way too much. She was completely dominating him as her lips stayed against his, no matter what he wanted. After the first kiss, Rogue got used to it. It was good he did, or he wouldn't have been prepared for the second, third, fourth or fifth. They really lost track of time, but neither of them seemed to mind anymore. All of Rogue's questions and problems seemed to fade away. Now, meeting Kagura here had made his problems go from bad, to worse and then suddenly to non-existant. 

He could definetely stay comfortable with her. That was something he never doubted. How long would he be comfortable with her? He didn't care. Any time they had together definetely was time well spent. 

Author's Note:

This was the longest chapter I have ever written... wow, and I wrote it in a day and a half! Lucky I was sick today, so I got a second chapter out in a three day period. I am now fine, but have been working really really damn hard to get this out. I hope you liked this chapter, and the next few will be out soon. Love you guys! Alex out, peace! Also, huge thanks for 2,000 reads! Just for that, here is a chapter with 2000 words! 

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