Getting home

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Me and Kate decides to walk home because it's like 5 minutes away.On the way home She asks"so what did Matt want?".Do you really think I should tell her?yeah she's my bestfriend.."well he said that I made him jealous and then he kissed me"I say awkwardly."are you serious?"Kate says."well kinda made out"I say."omg y/n!"Kate screams."dont say anything though"O say."ofcourse not y/n! Would I ever?"Kate says."ya that was a stupid question"I chuckle.We get to the house and Kate goes in and shouts we're home motherr.My mom comes to the door,"oh Kate ive missed you not being around.How was the game?who won"Mom asks."Hayes team"I say."I missed you too mother y/l/n"Kate says."food is on the counter girls,go eat and dads home in a few hours"Mom says.We both nod,eat our food and go upstairs.""so Matt put something in my pocket and I think it's his number"I say."text him!"Kate says.I put his number in my phone and texts him..
Me:'Is this Matt?'
Matt:'Ya,is this y/n(;'
Me:'I'm just kidding(;'
Matt:'So are you free sometime next week?(;'
Matt:'my parents are going away for the weekend,wanna come up?'
Me:'idk if my parents would like that'
Matt:'don't tell them'
Me:'I'll have to think about it(;'

For the rest of the night me and Kate mess about and catch up.We fall asleep at 3:00am and wake up at 10:30am.I suddenly smell pancakes."KATE WAKE UP IT's PANCAKES!"I say.Kate shoots up and we both run downstairs."morning dad!"I say."morning y/n!"Dad says."morning y/d/n"Kate says."well Kate I thought we got rid of you by moving her"Dad jokes."you can't get rid of me"Kate says.We stroll into the kitchen and grab our pancakes."Morning girls"Mom says."morning"We both say.(somehow I get Hayes number) "I'm going to text Hayes to see if he's going to hang out"I say."yay"Kate says.
'Hey Hayes,wanna hang out?'
'Sure,let's meet at 1:00pm'
'Okay(;see Ya in a bit'
"Hayes said we'd meet him at one"I say."oh cool,do you think that guy Nash is hot?"Kate asks."not really,he lives next door Kate"I say."no way!can he come?"Kate asks."he might already be down the park..But it's easier if he don't"I say.We go get dressed,brush our teeth,do our hair and apply make up.A few hours later the clock reads 12:35pm.Then another 15minutes later we go to meet Hayes."mom we are going out see Ya in a bit".I close the door behind us and Hayes is waiting there with Jc..Awkward..Jc's face looked so shocked to see Kate."How are you here Jc?"Kate asks. "I came home from New York a few days ago"Jc says.I give him a little smile and Say hi to Hayes."Well Acacia and Andrea couldn't make it but Sam and Kian are"Hayes says."Okay that's cool"I say.We get down to the park and I spot the two guys."hey what's up?!"Kian shouts."Hi kian this is Kate"I say.we all hang out for a bit then it was time for Kate to go home,Ya I know Pretty short weekend huh?"okay guys we gotta go now,see ya"I say."bye Kate,be sure to come down sometime soon!"Sam says.Kate nods.Me and Kate looked like freaks walking home,legit.We were laughing and then I had this feeling in my stomach"Kate,I'm going to miss you go much when you go back to LA,It's only been a week and it's felt like forever."I say."yeah,I don't want to go home.You were right when you said Virginia was better."Kate says.I nod."soo let me know if Matt texts you and stuff"Kate says.By the time we finished talking we got to the house and her mom was there to pick her up.I felt sad when Kate left,it felt like I was leaving all over again.
--Skip the weekend--
I wake up Monday morning feeling so tired..I do the usual routine and then I go to school with Hayes.Hayes makes me feel better when Kate isn't here.We get to school and I see everyone.First lesson I have math,great.I walk alone because none of the group had the same class as me and I walk in and sit down..I few people I knew was there,Including Sammy,Taylor and a few girls I've seen but only look familiar..Then all of the sudden a girl walks in and sits down next to me."hi my name is Natalie,are you new?"The pretty girl asked."I moved her about a week ago."I say."oh cool whats your name?"Natalie asks."y/n"I smile."Natalie Espinosa!"The Maths teacher (Mr Dunn) called out "present!"Natalie calls."so are you related to Matt Espinosa?"I ask."yeah everyone asks.I'm his first cousin"She smiled."oh that's cool"I say."do you know him?"Natalie asks."yeah,I guess"I chuckle nervously."deep down,he ain't all that bad..I mean the only reason he don't mess with me is because I know a lot of embarrassing things about him"Natalie giggles.

Natalie seemed so nice,really I was shocked on how different but the same her and Matthew were."Does Matt have a crush on you?"Natalie asks."no I don't think so"I say."well I heard your name..I wasn't sure who you was at first"Natalie says.I just nod my head.We get on with most of our work and then the bell rings..As soon as I get out of class someone grabs my hand.I turn around and there was Matt,his facial expression was blank.The halls clear and there's just me and Matt."Wanna go somewhere?"Matt smirks."no Matt I have to go to class"I say."nah you don't,pretend your sick..We'll go somewhere"Matt says.I nod..I know..I know,wtf am I thinking?I can't skip class but I don't want to make him mad..We run down the long stairs to the nurses office..Matt shouts"y/N's sick".The nurse nods and let's us go.Woah Matthew really does get away with everything.On the way to the car Matt asks me"so can you drive?"."sure but I never really go anywhere so my dad keeps it in a garage"I say."what car have you got?"Matt asks while stepping into his Porsche."rolls Royce.."I say."woah seriously?"He says."yeah but I never drive it."I say."we should drive it sometime"Matt says in a flirtatious way.I just giggle."so where are we going?"I ask."Youll see"Matt says.We drive for 5 minutes and park up outside a house similar to mine,surprisingly as big but just a different neighbour hood..

Sorry it's short😁people were asking me to update and I just couldn't wait..I'll make a few extra parts or maybe just edit this one so thanks for the support!😘

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