2. Dinner

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Edited on 10/2/2015
2. Dinner.

  He called my name and I pulled my sorry arse off of my bed and went to the kitchen. I smiled noticing he made my favorite Sunday dinner.

He cleared his through stepping into the doorway.  "I thought you wanted something to remind you of home." he spoke low and soft his voice groggily probably because it was 9.30.

  "Thanks." I smiled lightly and grabbed the plate. I went into my room and ate it as fast as I could so I had an excuse to go look at him. This is about the first time we've had a civil conversation in months I believe.

I put my dish in the sink, walking to the dining room and seeing a half eaten plate of food, and him crashed on the couch. I took the blanket and draped it over his body as he snuggled into it.

  I went into my room and laid down deciding I'd sleep.

And for once, I fell asleep with a soft smile on my face. Some sort of content feeling came over me as I dozed off into slumber.

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