The Night

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You cursed yourself.

A night out drinking with the girls and like always you strived to be the independent woman that you are. It was dark and cold. You can see your breath as you breathe softly and rain was starting to trickle down lightly.

You didn't wear any packed on clothing as you figured it'd be chilly but not freezing as it was. You also figured you'd have grabbed a taxi by now. But being so focused on keeping yourself warm, you hadn't realized that you were extremely far from where you started.

You stopped on the sidewalk and glanced up, finally realizing that you had no idea where you were. You glanced at your phone only to remember it was dead.

"Shit." You say in a hushed tone, "I should've listened to Seena." You shake your head and make the decision to keep walking until you either find a nice and cozy lit up place or find help in general.

As you continued to walk you realized how quiet it was. No constant traffic. Just the clicking of your heels. A shudder runs down your spine from the cold air. You sneeze a few times causing your drenched hair to shake, leaving you very uncomfortable.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Your eyes shoot up as you see three men in front of you. They all look rugged and without a home. You decided to label them as criminals because they look, sound, and act like criminals.

"Please-I don't want any trouble." You say

"Well troubles what you got, sweetheart." The man on the left spoke deeply, a smirk apparent on his face

"Maybe you should just let me go?" You ask quietly, you didn't want them to know you were frightened but you couldn't help the cracking of your voice.

The man on the right quickly grabbed your arm, pulling you into a dark alley.

You kicked and screamed and cried out.

"We've got a fighter boys." Announced one of the men as he grabbed your legs to stop you from kicking

"A girl like you, in a dress like this, on this side of town? You're practically begging for-"

A gun shot rang loud over your cries for help. The men hurriedly stood to their feet.

"Keep on walking, bud. There's one of you and three of us."

You moved your head to the side as your tears continued fall, you whimpered endlessly but through your tears you saw a tall man. A fedora atop his head. He seemed to be dressed in a custom tailored suit.

You gasp.

'Who is he?' You thought as you sniffled

He stepped closer to them. Their bodies seemed to freeze but he stood confidently.

"How many times do my brothers and I have to tell you that we don't allow this." He wafted his hand over to you effortlessly without sparing a glance

"Mr-Mr J-"

He held up his hand as if to silence them and he did.

You, being already petrified, slowly raised yourself to your elbows and began to slide yourself back and away from them.

His eyes quickly jolted to you,

"Miss," he waited a moment as you froze in your movement, "We will speak after so please don't move." He deadpans

Soon he goes back to glaring at the three men, still covered by darkness you felt oddly calmed by the mans voice. He didn't seem nor sound like a criminal, just a good guy.

Well, that was until you saw him quickly pull out his gun and shoot the three men right in their heads.

You eyes sprung open and your ears fell deaf after the last body hit the ground.

He causally wiped his gun off and put it back into his holster.


Before allowing him to finish, you jump to your feet and spin around, running the opposite direction of him.

"Ah fuck." You hear him say calmly before you hear loud, quick footsteps behind you.

You see a spilt, the left leads to one place and the right another.

Hearing his feet grow closer you ultimately decide to take a right, never letting yourself tire. You pushed through and just kept running.

"Run, just Run Ara." You say to yourself as you jumped over a few piles of trash

"Miss, I don't want to hurt you so please just stop!"

But you didn't listen you just kept running,

"ARA!" He finally screamed

You eyes in pure shock

"How does he know my name?" You say as you continue to run until you see a diner.

You quickly exit the alley and bolt into the diner. Running into the counter as night owls and workers stared at you worriedly.

"I need you to call this number, please!" You say take a pen from the cup on the counter and write on a napkin. As you finish writing you slap the white napkin onto the counter.

The waitress hurriedly grabbed the paper and walked through the back.

You couldn't help but turn around and eye the alley. As if he allowed you to, you watched as he stood still, directed towards the diner, towards you. Two more bodies appears behind him before they suddenly began to walk away.

Their fedoras and long trench coats flailing behind them.

Catching your breath slowly, the waitress returns,

"Here you are ma'am."

You quickly grab the phone,

"Seena?!" You say quickly

"We've been calling you for hours! You said you'd text when home, where are you?!?" She yells worriedly

"I-I don't know. But I'm scared and I just want to go home." You suddenly begin to cry again

"You're in the Jung district of Seoul." Says the waitress

You eyes shoot open, how the fuck did you get all the way out here?

"J-Jung-I'm on my way, Ara!"

The line went dead and you finally took in your surroundings.

The likes of all the worse we're seated around you. You jumped as you felt the waitress tap your shoulder.

You finally eye her, realizing she's a bit older than you. She grins.

"Don't worry, my dear. The jung district isn't as terrible as it may seem. Besides you're safe here. This is agreed throughout all of the districts. Mama's diner is not to be touched." She says

You only nod.

"Would like some warm tea?"

You nod once more and she only smiles,

"What's your name, darling?"

"A-Ara." You say, "and yours?"

She giggles softly, "Nice to meet you Ara, I'm mama."
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