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"Sure" he grins "you wasn't planned on working today anyway but thanks for helping anyway, who's Aleighsha?"

"Roommate" I shrug. It's kind of true?

He raises an eyebrow "hmmm are you sure she's not your girlfriend now?"

"Yeah she is, you got me" I laugh sarcastically.

"Wait seriously? She's your girlfriend!" He grins wildly. Oh god. I guess he didn't get the sarcastic side to what I said. does he not know me at all.

"I really have to get going, I'll be back in like half an hour" I nod before walking out of the restaurant.


Kate's P.O.V

I watch Harry walk out of the restaurant from outside the window.

"So do you know what your getting to eat?" Liam asks grabbing my attention as I still hold onto his hand.

"Uhm I'm thinking the salmon, what about you?" I question and take a sip of my Pepsi, that the other waiter brought me,letting go of Liam's hand to grab my straw.

"Uh I'm going to get the steak I think" he smiles.

"Are you two ready to order?" I hear and look up and see another waiter.

"I'll have the steak and she'll have the salmon please" Liam tells him.

He writes it down quickly and puts his pad in his pocket.

"Anything else?" He smiles before leaving.

"Uh.. no thanks" Liam dismisses him.

"Wait! Actually there is uh you know Harry?" I question.

He nods "very well, why?"

"Where did he go? I thought he as meant to be our waiter, no offence"

"Non taken and he had to go and see his girlfriend I think" he states.


I can't help but feel a pang of jealously as he says this but I shrug it off. Why would I be jealous? I'm with Liam and I love Liam.

"Okay, thanks" he nods as to say 'your welcome' before he walks away.

"You and Harry have gotten closer I see" Liam points out.

"Yeah, we're good friends" I smile.

"That's good, he's a nice guy, I like Harry" Liam smiles back and then takes a sip of his tango.

"Yeah, you should hang around with him more, while we're in Cheshire so next time we come you've got more friends down here" I suggest.

"Of course I will" Liam laughs "he's a great guy even though I only know him a little because of them few days we all went out and then I had to go back to New York"

"How is your dad anyway?" I ask him.

"He's a lot better actually" he smiles "kept asking for his technical daughter"

"Mia?" I ask.

"No, you" he laughs "your his technical daughter because you basically lived with us for like months and he see's you a lot more than Mia and classes you as one of his daughters as well as Mia"

"One of them?" I laugh.

"Yeah, he has two technical daughters, you and Mia" he explains.

"Makes sense" I shrug and then add another little laugh.

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