52: Beginning of Guilt

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       Outside, the sun is ready to set while in the well lit office is seating Aayat along with Sila as Ahmed is also present, they all about to see the footage of the day Ahmed met Dr. Shahid. Sila presses the play button and with that the clip starts.

They see the empty hallway outside Dr. Shahid's cabin while a few people are standing at the far end side's window. A few minutes have passed but there is no sign of any other person coming near the room but then out of sudden a man, facing his back to the camera appears from below. He was wearing a plain white shirt. It seemed like there was a doctor's coat in his hands as he approached near the door and as he was about to knock the door, he stops for a deal of few seconds, as if trying to listen to the noise coming from inside but then, he knock on the door and then opens it peeking inside, his face not at all visible as he stands there. In a minute, he closes the door as he turns to return but as the camera is too close to the room of Dr. Shahid, as he turns only his forehead is visible and then he walks away.

In short, his face wasn't visible throughout the video.

As the footage ends, Sila and Aayat look at each other, disappointment written all over their face and as they look at the old man, his state is same as them.

"Oh god, what kind of camera setting was that!" Sila says while Aayat squinches her eyes with fingers and then straights up in her chair looking at Ahmed who says,


"What will we do now beta, I know this person was it but I don't remember his face. I can say for sure he had heard something from the way he kept standing there listening. I just don't clearly remember his  face. And without seeing it I can't remember it either. I just don't know what to do..." Said Ahmed worriedly, lines forming on his forehead as he covers his face in his palms.

Aayat's heart aches to see the old man worried. She knew he had seen alot and was tired but he fact that nothing she was doing was helping made her feel even more heavy.nevertheless, she said to him,

"Uncle please don't worry. We still have a few days. Please don't think negatively. We still have many more ways to figure this out."

He looked at her and immediately remembered his daughter Sarah, who like her, would say such comforting words everytime he would come worried home. And thinking that perhaps it was his daughter saying these words through Aayat calmed himself down and nodded.

Aayat then smiled slightly and turned towards Sila as she said,

"Sila, we still have to show the list of doctor's details who work at this hospital. Bring it from the shelf so that it can help uncle to remember this person."

Sila brought the file as she was said and then gave it to Ahmed who Carefully went to whole of it, looking at each one thoroughly through his eyes but with each turn of page the disappointment kept growing as even when he was done seeing it, couldn't match it with that person.

He disappointedly looked up at Aayat and shook his head, making Aayat take a long inaudible sigh. As much as she didn't like to think like this, but there was something about this case that made her heart afraid at its core. Like what if she wouldn't be able to stand by the innocent and make them win this time. She didn't even know why she was feeling like this, she hadn't been afraid as much as this time before in any of the cases. But this time, it felt different..as if something was slipping away from her hands with each passing second. Nevertheless, gulping down the heartwrenching feeling, she said with as much confident as she could,

"Uncle, it's okay. It's okay if you don't recognize any of them. We will find another way. But we will for sure track down on this person. I promise you we will."

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