The Opening Ceremony

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my latest chapter in a long time hope to enjoy


Classical music. Tasty champagne. Friends fill with chatter. Kate never thought this was true. During the evening, her entrance with Giacomo made her entranced. Then the cozy slow dance and drinking champagne with her friends, Silvia and Lucy felt just like a dream. However, Lucy and Silvia could drink quite heavily; and Kate is starting to feel quite dizzy attempting to keep up with them.

         "I need to find Giacomo and go home before I collapse and vomit all over the ballroom." she thought and she made her way through the crowd. Her vision was blurry, but she saw Giacomo's back. Smiling, she went and gave him a hug from behind. But when she touched him, he turned around immediately. Instead of Giacomo's smiling face, she saw someone elses. He frowned but replaced it with a quick smile.

     "I'm sorry, I though you were someone I was looking for." she said quickly and blushed.

      "It's okay, allow me to help you find your friend," he said smoothly almost like silk.

Suddenly Giacomo held her hand hurridly.

    "There you are Kate! I was looking for you," he said looking a bit worried.

    "Oh really, I was looking for you too, I was wondering if you could help me go..." she said but was about to fall. Giacomo caught her and she said dasily "I don't think I can make it to the hotel." Giacomo picked her up and carried her out of the ballroom. "This couldn't get any better." she thought sarcastiacally and romantically.


Evily smiling, Gualtiro was about to even the scoreboad with Giacomo.  He might be able to tangle with Benno and Silvia just for fun and see how well is their loyalty to each other. He thought about that girl that thought he was that bastard, Giacomo. She was quite pretty even for a non- Italian. She would be the perfect person to toy with and use to break Giacomo's heart. Passing by the table,  he picked up a glass of champagne. It was perfect. Everything was going in hand. First the acceptance to the same class as Giacomo, and now meeting a girl that might be the key to his revenge.

     "A toast to you, mystery girl, for you are an angel that has come to me and will carry out my wishes that I longed for... for so long."



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