Growth Spurt

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No one POV:

Bakugou has always made fun of deku for being shorter than him all through out primary and middle school and the first year of high school and he would also baby him to tease him infront of the other students to purposely embarrass him

But now they are on their second year is this gonna change?

Deku POV:

Flash back...

(Deku: 3'6 bakugou: 3'9) is that right for kids?

"Haha look at poor baby deku!" Bakugou yelled all the other kids laughed as my eyes teared up

"Aw can the poor little baby not defend himself?" Bakugou said in a baby voice dekus cheeks when pink

5th grade:
(Deku:4'9 Bakugou:4'11)

"Ha you're so short deku!" Bakugou said laughing

"I'll grow taller than you someday!" I slightly yelled back

"Yeah right stupid deku"

8th grade:
(Deku: 4'11 Bakugou: 5'0)

"Aw did baby deku have an accident?" Bakugou said pouring water on my lap the class laughed

"Bakugou that is not appropriate behavior!" The teacher yelled I did my best not to cry I just looked at my lap


First year of UA (last day):
(Deku: 5'0 Bakugou: 5'2)

"And you said you'll grow taller haha!" Bakugou said laughing

"Hey it's not bad to be short midobro!" Kirishima said trying to make me feel better but I was just growing angry

"Yeah deku its ok!" Ururaka said I lightly glared at her

"We'll see katsuki." I said in a sharp voice bakugou was slightly shocked

Present (first day of their 2nd year at UA)

(Deku: 6'10 Bakugou: 5'2
Everyone else: 5'5-6'6)

I can't wait to go back to school now that I grew because of my new quirk I'm went from 5'0 to 6'10 all might said I would probably pass him I also got alot more beefy. I love this new quirk so much.

I grab my bag and head off, I arrive at the school late everyone is already in class

I open the classroom door and everyone gasps

"Y-you're l-late m-midoryia?" Aizawa said stunned I nod and go to my seat kacchan is glaring daggers at me before focusing on the board

The bell rings everyone gets up as I was about to leave to class I feel a small pull on my pants I look down to see and angry kacchan

'Wow I used to be scared of him- hes so adorable!' I thought in my head

"Yes?" I ask innocently with a small smirk proud of how much taller I am than him now

"Stupid deku how the fuck did you grow this much you fucker!" He says pouting I do my best to hold back from squeezing him and awwing at him

"Maybe your just short" I say patting his head he crosses his arms, I look and see everyone has already left for lunch I smirk to myself and look back at bakugou and pick him up like a kid

"H-HEY!" he yells squirming I bounce him a little

"Shh stop fussing baby" I say in a teasing manner he growls at me, I'm unfazed I just walk to the cafeteria with him in my arms

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