Bed Of Lies P2

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"Yo, where y'all hear this shit about Maya?"

"Nigha, everybody knows that. You
married a killer, A cold hearted one at that. She don't care about nobody -- That is if you ain't family." Big Nate said

"Nah don't come and talk bad about my wife, Maya. Alright? Maybe that was her in the past, You know how NOLA changes you."

"Mm, Well that girl is a legend around here, She almost killed Shemar. Nigga got a scar from his eyebrow down to his lip, From your girl. She ain't as innocent as she seems. Might wanna ask around, Say ain't that your mama cita right there."

I looked over my shoulder and watched Maya come out of this house putting her hair up in high ponytail and taking off coat throwing it in the trash can and liting it on fire

"Damn, look like she finished the job."

I looked at him flaring my nostrils,

"Damn, what you mad about nigha?"

"MAYA!" I yelled

She looked my way and came over to me
"What you doing here?"

"Went and took care some last minute business, You?"

"Nah, tell me the honest truth."

"I went and asked about your brothers murder, Alright? But I ain't get no answers. So, you might as well leave it alone."

"What's up, Bitch?"

She turned around and laughed

"Well, well, well... That must not been enough for you {grabs knife out back pocket} What I just talk to you about? I told you not to call me a bitch, Shemar." she said

"You still ain't got away with this, Bitch."

"I think she told you not to call her that, Shemar." I said

"Oh look at here, if it isn't Yung. Lil nigha famous now he ain't coming back home." he said laughing

"Look nigga, back the fuck up. You talk shit bout my family,- Don't do it."

"Oh, Yung got with this bitch"

"OK THATS IT!" Maya said punching him in the face stabbing him in his arm

"BITCH!" He yelled

"Damn nigha, why you always get your ass in the same situation?" Big Nate said laughing

"Maya, get off"

"Why you with her? She killed your brother" Shemar said

"Maya, what the fuck this nigga talking about?" I asked getting mad

"He's lying" she said throwing him down putting her foot on his neck

"Maya, I want to know the fucking truth. All of it, Don't cut no damn corners with me because you know I love you but I also love my brother" I said pulling her to me

"You gone believe this nigga over me?" She said pushing me back getting in my face

"All the shit I did for you? I went to jail for your ass, August. You think I would do some shit like this? You know if I did it I would have told you from the jump." she said pointing her fingers in my face

"Maya, Everybody telling me this shit and I know you capable of murder because you done it plenty of times. Tell me, Tell me the truth."

She looked at me, "I didn't kill your brother"

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