Chapter 25 : A New Beginning

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*Trigger warning; panic attacks.


"Where are you going next? CAW!"

"Hm? Just going out to buy some stuff. If I remember correctly, the nearest town from here is to the south.. Wanna come, Koiku-kun?"

"CAW! ..Be careful! One of the other demon slayers was reported to be missing while investigating there not long ago!"



"Inosuke-san." By now, you already stood beside your companion, lightly tapping one of his shoulders. "Listen, I have a pla—"

"NO! I don't take any orders from a weakling like you!" He yanked his shoulder out of your grasp, quick to unsheathe both of his swords before pointing one of them to the child.

"Don't you SEE for yourself?! That kid is a—"

"—SHH!" You interrupted as you put your finger close to your lips.

It's been far too long ever since Inosuke had the chance to lay his swords against the enemies, and he doesn't have the time nor patience to go through this seemingly déjà vu experience all over again. Whether you're going to sympathize for the demon or not, he simply doesn't care. Just like what his affiliation is called, his job is to slay demons.

Either way, however, you sigh out. "..I've listened to your.. ‘commands’ for far too many times already. So please, can you now listen as to what plan I have in mind?"

You didn't wanna hear anymore from your companion, quickly averting your gaze towards the young demon as he looked thrilled to see you paying attention to his presence. You would even dare to say that the demon child has a pretty quick mood swing, given that his tears had gone all of a sudden from the corners of his eyes.

The young demon with brown hair suddenly released his voice again, "you're not running away.. Does it mean you're my mom? You are my mom, right??"

He emphasize more hope into his own words which had left an odd feeling in the pit of your stomach. The demon child looked eager for your answer, eventually turning his frowned look the other way around. Smiling.

"How can you be sure that.. I'm your mother?"

The mention of that tittle somewhat left a sour feeling in your mouth.

"I forgot what their faces look like, but since you're not running away, then you must be my mom! You've gotta be!"

"..My presence scared others for some reason.. They all ran as soon as they saw me.. But, I know that my own parents won't leave me just like that!"

Poor child, not even realize that he's no longer a human.

The important question is, however..

"Oi!" Inosuke called out abruptly, "you're not supposed to be talking to that—"


I can't believe I'm doing this.

"Inosuke-san, this is a child, is it not?"

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