chapter 11

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"Lyssa," he worded, "Lyssa, is it really you?"

"No shit Sherlock, who else would it be?"

"Umm, well, this girl who looked like you-precicly-told me to touch her hand. And now i'm here!"

"Oh well that really make sense, Adrian, dosen't it?" i said sarcastically

"YER!" he mumbled softly, not.

He got up off his chair and came towards me, comsuming me in a great hug! I took in his pycidelic smell and relaxed into the embrace. I could feel him breathing into my hair! this felt better than when Jace had held me, much.


"we have to get outta here!" i murmered into his chest but it probably sounded more like 'le hau t gat mouta beer'.

His soft chuckle filled the room- that was more like a vault then a room- and he clutched onto me tighter, need in his hold. I swung my arms over his shoulders so they grasped each other round his neck. I hadn't notised before but a rope like material neckless hung around his neck line, gentally falling into his top, that clung to his in all the right places! Slowly, i lifted it out and looked for what hung on the end, it was a small Shark's tooth, pointed at the end, the colour of bleached sand(but more white). Why would he have that? mabey its just for accsesorising... I don't know! Although a confused look was plastered on his face,he leant teasingly in towards me, his breath wresling with mine. Gawd this would of been perfect if we were somewhere else!!!! Oh well, it's still ok?

"Times up!" i heard a un-familiar voice echo through the door.


My mind thorugh for me. the door opened and i got pulled out!"hey get the hell off me you son of a bagle!!" i yelped

"Calm dudess," a american acsent rang through the halls, "i'm jhonny. call me N.Y. Awesome or what?" he said exitedly.

A small giggle rose out of my mouth,"N.Y? you come from a fruit bowl? smooth move D.J!" i joked.

Confusion was masked on his face, "What you mean i come from a fruit bowl? I come from N.Y!"

"Yer the 'Big apple'! fruit bowl durr.." i laughed

"oh.. um i've just made a total fool out of myself!"

"Naa you haven't! i enjoy talking to you, your'e the second most decent person round here!"

"Who's the first?"

"Jace!!!" I said with a smirk

"You're joking right?"

"Of course, of course. but yer the first most decsent person is... Adrian.

So now i'm sitting in a room all by myself, you ask how i got here? well N.Y walked me here and told me that Jace dosen't know where it is! yay, atleast he can't hurt me? Aswell Adrian will help me. That reminds me, I shound go talk to him, just for a little while, so I know i'm not alone...


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