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I admit when I was on the streets I did some fucked up shit. I did what I had to do to survive, But I don't remember ever having to do with the murder of A Melvin Labranch, If I did? I'm sorry. I didn't know about that. All I could tell August was to forget about it, Because the truth isn't always good to go looking for. Yes, I had to shoot down a couple people in the hood but never have I ever killed a man named Melvin, Did I? I gotta talk to Shemar....

"Auh. If it isn't Maya Amour..." he said

I smiled, "Hey Shemar"

"You got a lot of nerves showing your face after you stabbed me almost to death..." he said looking at me

"Look, I'm sorry about that. I can't change what happened in the pa--"

"Damn right you can't. You left this scar on my face, Give me one good reason I should bust a cap in your ass right now" he said

"Because- know what, Do it? It's not like I haven't survived a bullet before. And besides, you love me you want me, baby you ain't gone do shit. {stands up to him, looks him directly in the eye} Kill me. Gone head, do it..."

He looked at me

"You know, I'm sorry..." I added

"You sorr-- Know what, what you here for bitch?"
I stood up and grabbed his gun aiming it at his head, "Never call me a bitch."

"Damn, you fast. Always been the best on my squad" he said

"Yeah and you know it. So don't fuck with me." I said cocking the gun and sitting down pointing at him

He gulped, "You gone come up in my house and disrespect me, Threaten me."

"Oh baby, you know it isn't a threat. It's a promise. And you can stop with the tough ask I see right through you, I see you scared. I see the sweat dropping down your face, I feel your heavy breathing all the way over here. Also, I hear your heart beating, Your legs shaking-- Look, I didn't come here to kill your scary ass I need to know about something... I don't have much memory since
Vietnam but, I need to know if I had anything to do with the murder of Melvin Labranch."

He laughed , "You had everything to do with it."

"Stop, lying to me."

"I'm not, you had it in for him"

"I don't believe you" I said getting up and leaving

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