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Tris pov

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I wake up to feather light kisses on my face. I look up and see Tobias. "Good morning beautiful" he says. I still do not see what he sees, I argue with him often about it, but after a couple of months I just learned to deal with it. I locked eyes with him for a minute, slowly he leaned down to kiss me. After just a few seconds the kiss got intense, he started pulling at my sleep shirt, which was his, I lifted my hands up so he could pull it off. He then flips us over, so he's on top, just as my back hits the mattress the door opens. "Six and Four" Max says, not looking up "We have a leaders meeting today" finally he looks up. "Was I interrupting something" he ask. "Yes" fours said at the same time I say "We will be there". Max then leaves. "Let's go get ready Four"

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