My older brothers Best Friend!!

Chapter one:

I walked into my house and go to get a monster drink when I hear my brother yell for me. So I yell back "What do you want Damion?!" "Can you come here?" Damion yells back.  I walk up to his room and open the door. He is sitting on his bed and there is a new boy there.  He has Jet black hair that is slanted and is covering his left eye; he had crystal blue eyes, and a lip ring. I instantly thought that he was so hot but Damion is 3 years older than me. 

 Damion says "Angelynn this is Nathan.  Angelynn, ANGELYNN!" "Huh?" I say coming out of my daze. "I said this is Nathan" Damion repeated.  "Yeah I heard you, and hi Nathan" I replied.  "Hey" Nathan said in the deepest and hottest voice ever. I almost melted when he talked. I couldn't help but stare into his gorgeous eyes. Then Damion said "Okay Angelynn you can leave now." "Whatever but I was going to ask if you wanted to do something later since   mom and dad are on that business trip for 2 weeks?" I asked hoping he said sure. "I don't know I have to talk to Nathan about it so I'll tell ya later" Damion said as I looked at Nathan with pleading eyes hoping he would say yes.

So I said okay and walked into my room and turned on "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance. I'm lying on my bed and I start singing the words exactly. I thought I heard my door open but I didn't think much of it until the song was over and I heard applause. I looked up and I saw Damion and Nathan standing in my doorway clapping and hollering for me. I started to blush because I was embarrassed. Then Nathan said "Okay rock star are you ready to go?" I started to laugh and said "yeah give me like 10 minutes and I'll be down." After I said that they left and went down stairs. I put on my black booty shorts with the white marks all over them, my "Black Veil Brides" band tee, I teased my hair and put a black bow in it, then I did my makeup perfectly, finally I put on my Osiris's.

After I was done I went downstairs and said "Ready!"  As I said that both of their heads turned around and Damion said "Do I have to put you on a leash?" Nathan just laughed. I said "Come on Damion you know that I won't leave your side." "Okay Angelynn but we r going to see a movie and you have to sit in the middle that way you don't run away" Damion said in a Fatherly kind of tone. "Okay Daddy" I said acting like I was 10 years old and not excited to be sitting next to Nathan.  I yelled "SHOTGUN!!" and Nathan replied with "Oh not you don't!"  With that he took off running to the car I followed after him and as I went to jump in front of him I tripped and fell. I also tripped Nathan who fell on top of me.

He laughed but I had hurt my wrist. I looked at him as he was laughing and looked at my wrist. I started to tear up but I didn't want him to see me cry so I held it in. Nathan saw this and looked at me and said "Angelynn are you okay?"  I nodded my head yes but he knew this was a lie and then said "No you're not, what's wrong?" I just looked at my wrist and he knew I hurt it because I held it with my other hand trying not to move it. Nathan started to apologize but I said it was fine that he didn't mean too.

He yelled for my brother and said to bring first aid. "What did you do know Angelynn? You're always getting hurt!" Damion said walking out of the house with the first aid. By know I was starting to cry but not a lot. Damion knew something major happened because I usually don't cry unless it is really bad. He took my wrist and wrapped it up in bandages and asked me if I still wanted to go to the movie or not.

 I said "Yeshh nothing would keep me from seeing Saw 3!!!" He said okay and helped me up using my right hand since I hurt my left. Nathan just said "Angelynn I'm soo sorry!"  "Don't be Nathan it wasn't your fault." I said trying to make him feel better. "But it was my fault I should have just let you have shotgun instead of" but his voice trailed off. "Instead of what Nathan?" I asked anxiously waiting for an answer. "Instead of trying to show off!" He said looking disappointed. I said "Nathan it's fine I didn't get killed and hey look, know we have a memory between us!"  "Yeah I guess so but it's not a good one like I would have hoped it to be." He said looking really interested in his feet. "Hahaha yeah but a memory is a memory no matter what. Right?" I said happily "Yeshh" he said mocking me from earlier. We both laughed and then Damion cleared his throat and we both snapped our heads over to his direction

. "Hello," Damion started "are we going to the movie? It starts in an hour!" "Yesshh" We both replied at the same time then laughed our butts off.  As we piled into Damion's Black Lamborghini I let Nathan and Damion take the front because I wanted to lie down. The movie theatre was about half an hour away and I was tired. So I lied down and fell asleep. I woke up but didn't open my eyes because I heard Damion talking to Nathan.

 "Dude, when are you gonna tell her about the way you feel?" Damion asked Nathan. "Idk soon I guess, but what if she doesn't feel the same way about me?" Nathan replied looking sad.  Damion then said "I bet you she does and you'll see!" Nathan just replied emotion less "Okay." Then I decided that I didn't want to hear anymore sooooo...

I woke up and said "Are we there yet?" Nathan said "No, but almost there!" "I wanna be there now!!!" I whined. Nathan just smirked. "What??"  I said "Oh nothing, just stop whining okay" Nathan replied back laughing. "But why do I have to stop whining??" I said whining. "Because Angelynn , we're here!" "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!" I kept repeating. Damion and Nathan Laughed at how excited I was!!

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