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You walked beside your friends, excited to meet the members of the Lion Guard that Taka had chosen. He had a meeting area just near the border of the Pridelands that they met up at every morning, and he was currently taking you all there right now. Mufasa hadn't formally met them yet either, so he wanted to know who was protecting the lands at any given moment.

As you rounded a corner, you saw 4 male lions the same age as you perched atop the rocks. They stood up as Taka approached, watching their leader being followed by you and your friends. They knew who Mufasa was, but not you or the other girls. You didn't recognise them either.

"They joined the pride while you guys were gone," Taka explains, "They were rogues and kicked out from their prides to join another

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"They joined the pride while you guys were gone," Taka explains, "They were rogues and kicked out from their prides to join another."

You noted the one barely growing a beard as quite handsome.

"Are these your friends, leader?" The tallest and bulkiest of the 4 asked, his jaw round and large much like Mufasa's. At Taka's nod, he smiles and introduces himself, "My name is Rabsha, I am the Strongest of all the lions currently in the Pridelands."

The bearded lion glanced at you and smirked, "Busara. Nice to meet you. I'm the Bravest."

"Hi! I'm the Keenest of Sight, and my name is Utafiti!" A feminine-lilted male voice said, coming from the small lion with blonde streaks through his mane. He looked at Sarafina and smiled, who smiled back at him in return much to Taka's dismay.

"...Fastest. Kucha." The grey-toned lion introduced hesitantly.

Mufasa turned to his little brother, a quizzical look on his face, "Are you sure these are our best?"

"Do you not think so?" The younger brother asked, before getting angry, "Or is it because you just don't like it when I make my own decisions?"

"I never said that!" The red-maned one argued back.

From the corner of your eye you could see Sarafina becoming particularly friendly with the Keenest of Sight, something Taka also seemed to notice as his nostrils flared and he became more agitated. "Okay, fine," he snarls, walking off, "If you don't like them then you can deal with them. I'm going on patrol. Alone."

"Taka, wait-" You try to stop him from storming off, but it was in vain.

"He's been doing this a lot more since our manes came in," Mufasa told you, eyeing his brother worriedly. "He's become a total recluse recently. I hope he comes out of this funk soon."

"...Yeah, me too."

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