Dirty Zayn Malik Imagine

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#Zayn Malik Imagine

Zayn coming home with ropes and chains. He is really horny and drags you to the bed. He strips you and slams you on the bed, tying your hands and feet to the bed, so you cannot move. "Zayn, what are you doing?!" You cry out. "Quiet you little slut" he demands.

You smile at him knowing this is going to be lots of fun. Zayn is stripping himself now, you can see he already has a bulge in his boxers. Zayn stares at your naked body and starts touching himself, you moan at the sight of it. Zayn stops and looks at you with disgust.

"Did I tell you to make noise?" He asks. You keep quiet and he continues to touch himself. You are really wet now and try and touch yourself, but are quickly reminded that you are chained up to the bed. "Zayn..." You whisper quietly. He looks at you. "You want me you little bitch?" He says, making you let out a little moan. "Beg." He says teasingly.

You shake your head no, and he walks over to you. He pulls off his boxers, his erection springing up. "Zayn what are you do...." Before you could finish he had shoved his dick inside your mouth. You choked a little then started sucking it, hard. Then you stopped. If he was going to tease you, you would tease him back. He growled, upset you stopped. "So that's how it's going to be, Y/N?"

Zayn pulled his dick out of your mouth and walked over to your dresser drawer, pulled out a vibrator, turned it on, and teased you, moving the vibrator on your inner thigh. "Zayn please stop teasing!" You shouted in protest. Zayn looked at you mischievously. "Y/N, I told you, if you want me, you have to beg" you couldn't take it any longer. "Zayn please I want you so badly just get inside of me, NOW!"

You yelled out. But instead of Zayn inside if you, he shoved the vibrator up your entrance, let go of it, and left it there. He watched as the vibrator took effect on you, making you moan very loudly. How zayn had been resisting sticking himself inside you for this long, you didn't know.

Soon he started jacking off as he watched you come to your high from the vibrator. "Scream my name!" He said. "OHH ZAYYYYNNNNNN" you moaned. Then, just as you were about to cum, he pulled the vibrator out and thrusted quickly into you, making you shudder with pleasure. With each thrust zayn got deeper and deeper, hitting your g-spot every time. You were so close to cumming.

"Babe I'm going to cum!" Zayn stopped, "DAMNIT YOU BETTER HOLD IT IN FOR AWHILE MORE!" He slapped your thigh and it stung, but the pain quickly subsided as zayn continued to thrust inside you. Gosh he was so hard.

You managed to hold it in for at least a minute more when zayn squirted his juices inside of you, causing you to release as well. Zayn pulled out, and started fingering your clit, extending the length of your orgasm. Zayn got off of you and untied you. You both layed in bed together, panting hard. Zayn looked over at you and kissed you. You and zayn hadn't bothered to put clothes back on, and soon fell asleep under the warm covers.

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